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SIVECO Romania cares about its clients' opinion

Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Bucharest, 10th of March - In fall 1998, Bull Group together with its partners SIVECO România SA, Datek Telecom SA and Crescendo International, initiated the project "NEPTUN Integrated Information System" for Constanta Harbor Administration, one of the largest and most complex information integrated systems developed until now in Romania. The NEPTUN system has made possible for the Harbor Administration to access in real time all data concerning port traffic - which leads to more efficient and qualitative management, also a strong development strategy.

The project, created by the BULL-SIVECO consortium, consisted in the implementation of a specific solution, an ERP Integrated information system, based on SIVECO Applications, a set of standard applications, created by SIVECO to respond the general requirements of a commercial society.

Based on client/server architecture and using ORACLE technology this system ensures the independence of module applications against the server platform they are installed on. Oracle provides databases based on the machine and on the desired operating system: IBM AS/400, HP, BULL etc.

The NEPTUN automated solution consists in highly integrated ERP applications that entirely cover the typical activities of the harbor administrations. The solutions includes the whole cycle of processes specific to a complex project, starting with the client current situation, the developments of specific functionalities, testing, installing and customizing applications, as well as monitoring the integrated software modules.

The Integrated Information System, developed by BULL - SIVECO Romania consortium for the harbor administrations includes applications aiming to automate the following types of activities:

  • Horbor activity: Management of maritime and fluvial traffic (ships, arrivals, maneuvers, departures), merchandise traffic harbor events;

  • Finance, Accounting: Financial Management, Financial Accounting, Management Accounting, Budgets, Fixed Assets and Inventories;
  • Commercial: Contracts, litigations, Ships Refunds, Rental Refund, Invoicing;
  • Maintenance: Equipment Maintenance, /Repairs, Infra- and Superstructure Maintenance, Interface with foreign currency computing packages, Material Stock for Maintenance /Repairs, Supply for Maintenance/Repairs, Follow-up of the Fuel Consumptions for Ships and Heat Centers;
  • Services: Services for communication, electricity, heat, water; various services; General Stock Management; General Supply Management; GIS Interface;
  • Investment: Investment Plans, Public Acquisitions (investments, tool acquisitions, repairs), Management of the Work Estimation Plan;
  • Human Resources, Payroll: Employee Fields, Recruiting, Performance Evaluation, Training;
  • Evaluation Center, Payroll: Access Control, Management of the Harbor Access Information;
  • Web and E-mail: E-mail management, Registration of source/Destination Data;
  • Management informational System: analysis of the financial-accounting indicators, analysis of the purchase orders, Analysis of the Equipment availability repair costs, analysis of the investment achievements, analysis of the harbor traffic.
Almost two years and a half later after the inauguration of SIVECO Applications Integrated Information System at Constanta Harbor Administration, SIVECO România made a survey to evaluate its clients' satisfaction.

The clients' opinions and observations regarding the products and services of a company have great importance, first because they identify those areas that need adjustments and corrections, and secondly they confirm the professionalism and commitment of the participants in the project.

The survey included the people working at Constanta Sea Administration Harbor, those who had been working day by day together with SIVECO Romania's team and who benefit of SIVECO Applications advantages.

There had been questioned 51 persons, who were working for financial, accounting, technical, commercial and human resources departments. At that time, 52% of the questioned ones considered the implementation process finalized and operational. SIVECO Romania's team received in general, most of them good, both for the services provided, and for the team's professionalism and knowledge levels.

The team was especially appreciated for the promptitude in responding to the client' requests, as well as for the professional way of resolving the problems faced by the client.

"Professionalism" Ion Paul, Floarea Iorga (HR responsible), Felicia Munteanu(Economist)

"A very professional team, which responds quickly to the end-users requests", Beatrice Mihaela Cojocaru, economist.