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SIVECO Romania celebrates eEducation Day

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Bucharest, 7th of June 2007 – The Polytechnics University of Bucharest hosted the debate “The future is here” dedicated to the eEducation theme. The event was organized by SIVECO Romania.

Remarkable persons from the Romanian and the international academic, scientific and economic field were present. Teachers, the young finalists of the educational software competition - SIVECO Cup, and media representatives were also present in the event.

The special guests John Davies (Vice President, Sales & Marketing Group, General Manager, World Ahead, INTEL Corp), Irina Socol (General Manager with SIVECO Romania), Radu Jugureanu (eContent Manager with SIVECO Romania) and Prof dr. Harvey Newman (California Institute of Technology), reviewed live or connected via a videoconference system, the trends regarding the progress of eLearning.

The European Commission education representatives, Maruja Gutierez Head of Unit at DG for Education and Culture and Jan Figel, European Commissioner for education, culture and youth sent messages for the participants in the debate.

The event, which coincided with the launch of the SIVECO Cup finals, emphasized once again the importance of developing educational projects which bring significant advantages to the society. SIVECO Romania is an established name both nationally and internationally in the eLearning and IT&C domain.

SIVECO Romania is an established name both nationally and internationally in the eLearning and IT&C domain. The company is directly involved in the construction and development of the information society, by developing, implementing and promoting SEI -the first national program that introduced IT&C technology in the pre-university education.

Based on the great success we achieved with the AeL eLearning solution, and after implementing SEI –The IT based educational system, we are capable of sharing our experience with other countries interested in introducing IT&C in education. The main objective i” declared Irina Socol, General Manager with SIVECO Romania.

SIVECO Romania received many prestigious awards, due to the company’s increased international recognition, its excellence in eLearning solutions’ know-how as well as for the proficiency of the specialists that develop and implement far-reaching IT&C projects. Among the highlights:

  • The European Commission nominated the AeL platform for the IST Prize 2005 and AeL eContent is nominated for ICT Prize 2007
  • The European Commission nominated SEI and AeL for the eEurope Awards for eGovernment, Manchester 2005
  • AeL eContent were considered the World best educational content, within World Summit Award for Information Society, a prestigious event organized in Tunis, 2005
  • ADLIC 2001 (the national admission and distribution of secondary school graduates in high schools and vocational schools) was appreciated as a “Best practice” at eGovernment European Conference organized in Bruxelles.

After 15 years of constant contribution in developing educational projects, SIVECO Romania wanted to celebrate its successes together with the main actors engaged in the learning process.