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SIVECO Romania comes with a modern and efficient billing and cashing solution for utilities providers

Tuesday, August 26, 2003

Bucharest, 26th August 2003 - Utilities providers face many problems related to services billing and cashing, caused by the lack of a software product able to meet the use and management requests of great data volumes.

Utilities providers financial-accounting departments used to have - and some of them still have - a separate evidence of the billing/cashing activities and the financial - accounting ones.  In such cases, it is very difficult to process great data volumes, as the data introduced in the billing/cashing evidences are introduced again (manually) in the company’s financial data (low efficiency degree of the financial - accounting operations and increased costs).

SIVECO Romania meets utilities providers needs, by introducing Billing component in SIVECO Applications Information Integrated System.

The application is meant, above all, for utilities providers such as drinking water, hot water, hot water providers, electrical energy etc., home consumers, consumers’ associations and legal persons.

The application was designed to provide an optimization in the billing and cashing activities for the companies’ large number of clients (tens and hundreds of thousand clients).

The application has been created in accordance with the Accounting Regulations no.82/1991, with the legislative modifications, which have appeared up to present and with the regulations established by no. 29/23.12.1993 Order of the Public Works Ministry - Local Public Administration Department (Official Monitor no.25/27.01.1994).

"Billing application has proved to be extremely efficient when put into practice, being successfully used by important customers in Romania. Such an example is the Valea Jiului Autonomous Water Enterprise, where the application represents, together with other SIVECO Applications components, a high quality tool for documents management (issued and paid invoices), at every client level", declares Aurora CRUSTI, SIVECO Applications Department Manager at SIVECO Romania.

About Billing Component 

Billing component allows, together with other SIVECO Applications components, an exact evidence both of the generated and paid invoices and of the individual contracts for services providers (for utilities clients), accounting notes of the Financial - Accounting component and other financial - accounting situations.  

The uniqueness of the introduced data is an important advantage of the fact that Billing belongs to SIVECO Applications integrated ERP package - a piece of information introduced in one of the SIVECO Applications component is read automatically by all the applications. Billing is also connected to other applications in SIVECO Applications, such as: Financial-Accounting, Contracts, Maintenance, Fixed Assets etc., which are used depending on the specific activity of the utility provider. Thus are being created the premises of an efficient activity at company level by an increase in work productivity (by reducing the working time), which also involves reduced expenses with wages; individual and global evidence of the debts and cashing inherent to utilities consumption; creating the connections between Billing and Financial - Accounting documents; obtaining daily, monthly and quarterly financial - accounting situations in real time; creating an archive both at application level and at ERP components level. 

A specific feature of SIVECO Applications package and, consequently, of the Billing component, is the dynamic configuration of the components - an important advantage which distinguishes this module from all the other applications existing now on the Romanian market. The configurable elements are established depending on the specific of the company and on the managerial requests and provides flexibility in operation and in obtaining final situations. 

The main advantages provided by the Billing Component in SIVECO Applications Integrated Package

  • It creates a tree-form structure for client evidence, on superior locations and on areas established by the organization (on sectors for instance);
  • It automatically generates a great number of invoices (tens and hundreds of thousand invoices), which are printed extremely fast;
  • It offers the possibility to cash very quickly the invoices by one or several cash locations - for multiple cashing from the same client, the application allows a distinct evidence for each of them;
  • It keeps an evidence of the individual debts or those on groups of clients - the debts can be thus followed on types of clients or on certain time intervals;
  • It keeps an evidence of the clients’ complaints at individual level and of the ways of solving them;
  • It offers the possibility to make consumption registration operations in the field (to read indexes and meters) and cash operations with independent calculus equipments  (palmtops);
  • The user can obtain any moment the synthesis situations specific to the application;
  • It offers several methods to reduce the unitary expenses with the employees, by an increase in work productivity;
  • It has the ability to adapt very quickly to the legislative modifications inherent to utilities price modifications;
  • It facilitates data transfer from one database to another (from work points level to central level);
  • it offers the possibility to configure Billing application depending on the users’ individual requests;  
  • SIVECO Romania specialists provides technical assistance for adapting the application according to the users’ requests, as well as training and assistance for using the application at an optimum level.