SIVECO Romania consolidates its position in the world elite of Project Management | SIVECO Romania

SIVECO Romania consolidates its position in the world elite of Project Management

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

eComunitate Portal and the ITC training Program for school and business, as components of the "Knowledge Based Economy" project - reached the final of the famous competition organized annually by the International Project Management Association (IPMA)

Bucharest, 10th of November 2010 - eComunitate Portal and the ICT Training Program in school and business are the two components developed by SIVECO Romania, for which the project "Knowledge Based Economy", developed by the Ministry of Communications and Information Society, has been nominated by the International Project Management Association (IPMA) in the world elite of the best achievements in the field of project management.

Within the IPMA Gala, recently held in Istanbul, the project has been appreciated for its innovative and complex character and for its project management excellence.

IPMA is the most respected project management authority, the international jury of the annual competition IPMA Gala Awards being well known for its professionalism and exigency.

"We are deeply honored of being a finalist for the third time at IPMA awards, one of the most prestigious contest of its kind in the world. This important recognition shows SIVECO Romania's commitment for excellence in project management. We are indeed privileged to have competed with companies from all over the world and to have the chance to exchange valuable experiences regarding complex and innovative project management best cases", stated Ilinca Georgescu, Project Manager within SIVECO Romania, during the event organized by IPMA.

Practically, SIVECO Romania is among the few companies in the world having obtained the status of Finalist for all the projects enlisted in the competition, at different editions. In 2009, the solution developed by SIVECO Romania for the IT system operating at the Payments and Intervention Agency for Agriculture was awarded the Finalist trophy, while in 2007 the IT-based Education System has been selected for the Grand IPMA Gala.

The Knowledge Based Economy is a strategic pioneering project dedicated to the knowledge society in Romania.

The project's major components take into consideration all the fields playing a key role in the knowledge society, aiming at:

• Ensuring access to information for reducing the digital gap (knowledge dissemination is ensured);
• Digital literacy and creation of skills for the inclusive society (the human factor as producer and consumer of knowledge);
• Promoting and providing local electronic governance services for setting up a correct relationship between the taxpayer and the State;
• Stimulating entrepreneurial initiatives for a sustainable local development in 255 communities in Romania.

eComunitate Portal (, developed within this project, facilitates communication between and with these less favored communities, making available to the large audience exhaustive access to information in fields such as education, culture, administration and entrepreneurship. The Portal presents the 255 communities and includes over 3,000 articles in Romanian and English, being at the same time also a social network, where users transfer knowledge and generate content, with the help of web 2.0 technologies.

The Program for ICT training in school and business has as goal the creation and development of a critical mass of persons with ICT skills, able to take the specific professional challenges, in order to actively participate in the local development by the means of modern technologies. More than 5,200 persons that were trained within this project have acquired skills of using computers in their professional activity and obtained information regarding the modalities to apply them into education and entrepreneurship.

About IPMA
Funded in Switzerland in 1967, IPMA is the largest non-profit organization for the organizations' management and represents over 50 national project management associations, with members in Northern Europe, South America, Africa and the Middle East.

IPMA promotes project management for companies and organizations worldwide, encouraging them to reach performance in the development and implementation of large-scale projects.