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SIVECO Romania consolidates its sales team

Thursday, October 23, 2003

Bucharest, 23rd October 2003 - During its twelve-years existence, SIVECO Romania has become one of the most important providers and software integrators of ERP, e-Learning, e-Health, e-Business, e-Government global solutions and turnkey projects from Romania; moreover, the company has gained a strong reputation on the national and international markets. Due to its geographical position and multi-language facilities, SIVECO Romania is able to provide technical and commercial support for all international markets.

The key for our leadership of the Romanian software market is SIVECO Romania team, made up of specialists able to design, implement, lead and complete successful international, interdisciplinary projects.

The company’s commercial strategy contributed as well to its excellent evolution.

"Our permanent concern to satisfy our clients’ needs, to provide them information and commercial solutions to make their organizations more efficient, so that they become more profitable, has become a personal preoccupation we are very much involved in", declares Irina SOCOL, General Manager within SIVECO Romania.

The new structure of the commercial department within SIVECO Romania has 15 employees, distributed on there departments: National Sales, International Sales, EU projects.

Sanda BOBOC is Channel Distribution Manager, Marian BORCAN is Major Accounts Manager, while Liviu DINCĂ is Direct Sales Manager within National Sales department.

Within International Sales Department Ioana PANĂ is International Sales Manager, while Radu GHEORGHIEVICI POHL is Business Development Manager. 

Experienced specialists, the sales managers will coordinate the company’s commercial activities both at national and international level. Here are some of their most representative activities, which make SIVECO Romania management trust the company’s short and long-term commercial performances in the years to come.

Sanda Boboc (43)

Graduated the Polytechnic University in Bucharest  - Mechanical Faculty, IT Systems Engineering and Management Faculty


  • Has been working at SIVECO Romania since the beginning of 2003
  • Import & Logistic Supervisor at SCOP Computers SRL
  • Import & Logistic Supervisor at UTI Trading SRL
  • Export Manager at SC DINA 2000 SRL

Hobbies: literature, travels, skating.

Liviu Răsvan Dincă (41)

Graduated the Polytechnic University in Bucharest  - Automatic and Computers Faculty, EMBA at ASSEBUS.


  • Sales and Client Service Manager at Dial Telecom Romania
  • Sales Manager at Scala Business Solutions
  • General Manager at AMS Omnilogic
  • Product Manager at Omnilogic BGS
  • Product Responsible at the Institute for Research in Automation

Hobbies: basketball, bridge, tennis, movies, music

Iana Pana (31)

Graduated Babeş Bolyai University, Cluj - Mathematics and Informatics Faculty, National Institute for Political and Administrative Studies, Bucharest - Management Faculty, MBA - the courses of the Romanian-Canadian program (organized in collaboration with the Economic Studies Academy, École des Hautes Études Commerciales in Montréal and University of Ottawa).

  • Has been working at SIVECO Romania since 1999 - previously as Channel Sales Manager, Business Alliance Manager
  • Software Manager at Mediatel (a MediaPro group company)
  • Software Engineer at CAFROM Romania
Hobbies: literature, music, sports.

"Our ambitious business plans for the years to come, as well as our goal to become a major IT services and outsourcing solutions provider on the international market, require a constant improvement in our products and services quality, as well as a strong and convincing commercial and marketing approach", SOCOL believes.