SIVECO Romania constantly and actively supports the initiatives that prevent violence | SIVECO Romania

SIVECO Romania constantly and actively supports the initiatives that prevent violence

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

For the third consecutive year, SIVECO Romania was designated as” The best partner” of the General Directorate of Bucharest Police.

By this recognition The Bucharest Police rewards the efforts of our company in “supporting programs that prevent violence and have a major impact on the entire society”.

The impressive results of the campaigns organized by the Bucharest Police in partnership with the Educational Inspectorate of Bucharest, private companies and NGOs led to building a strong partnership. All the parties involved are aware of the necessity of fighting against violence in schools, in the family, on the street - by developing programs that increase the responsibility of the citizens, pupils, teachers, parents, journalists, public opinion, etc.

We truly appreciate the intelligence of the initiatives and the consistent interest of the Bucharest Police in preventing violence and we are honored to be partners in this civic action”, said Anca Crahmaliuc, Marketing & Communication Manager within SIVECO Romania.

In partnership with NGOs, private companies and business representatives, SIVECO Romania constantly promotes the idea that violence can be defeated only through education and by stimulating the involvement in projects that improve the standard of living in our community.

Based on the expertise acquired during the implementation of major educational projects, SIVECO Romania tries to identify the most efficient ways of using modern technologies as a support for education and for fighting against negative phenomena present in our society.

Alongside to the educational initiatives started by our company within the SIVECO Virtual Centre for Excellence, the projects developed in partnership with the Directorate of the Bucharest Police contribute to the promoting of quality in education.