SIVECO Romania delivers top educational solutions in the Gulf region | SIVECO Romania

SIVECO Romania delivers top educational solutions in the Gulf region

Monday, March 12, 2012

The company has developed and implemented in the United Arab Emirates the largest of educational content repository in Arabic in the world


Bucharest, 05 March 2012 – This year too, SIVECO Romania has participated in GESS Dubai, the most important educational fair in the Gulf area, to present the latest innovation in terms of education technology. The event took place in the period of 28 February–1st of March in Dubai and has been supported by the Ministry of Education in the United Arab Emirates, partner of SIVECO Romania ever since 2007.

We are pleased by the fact that the educational solutions we have implemented in the Emirates are appreciated at national level and are requested also by the ministries of education from other countries in the Gulf area. The project’s success is due to the SIVECO expertise in implementing complex solutions, based on hundreds of work hours, a very well established methodology and an outstanding collaboration with the customer, the Emirates  Ministry of Education”, has stated Alexandru Coşbuc, deputy vice-president International Sales and Partners and the manager of SIVECO subsidiary in Dubai.

To date, SIVECO has implemented in the Emirates schools the most complex educational repository of digital content in the world, totaling a number of 7,000 multimedia educational objects for mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, geography and Emirates studies. The AeL eContent digital lessons are available in Arabic and English and include experiments, simulations, animations and video clips that develop the pupil’s natural curiosity and provide them with an attractive and safe learning environment.

The lessons are available online, by means of a national education portal, helping in modernizing the education system and make the United Arab Emirates a good practice model at the Middle East level.
Within the event have been presented the educational solutions implemented in the Emirates schools, solutions developed by SIVECO Romania along with local education specialists and teachers.

“We are honored by the fact we have been visited at out stand by high level decision makers within the education ministries from numerous countries in the Gulf – Oman, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, but also from other Middle East countries. The majority of them were willing to find out how the digital lessons have been carried out, how are they  actually used in the classroom and whether the project can be replicated in their country too”, declares Florian Ciolacu, Vice-president International Sales within SIVECO Romania.

The United Arab Emirates are known for the substantial investments made for modernizing education and are considered a model to follow by the other countries in the Gulf area. Thus, the education fair GESS Dubai brings together annually over 250 well-known international companies, presenting the educational resources dedicated to the Middle East.

Recognized worldwide as a promoter of the latest concepts in the education technology, SIVECO Romania successfully implements projects of introducing IT into the education of countries in Europe, the Middle East, North Africa and the CIS area.