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SIVECO Romania' eHealth projects at Bruxelles

Monday, June 28, 2004

Bucharest, 28th of June 2004 - As an European company, SIVECO Romania is an active participant to the major international events which provides the access to the last news from the global industry and also the permanent data exchange with European experts.

The recent workshop "IT contribution to the risk management in medical practice", organized by the General Directorate for the Information Society of the European Commission, has among its objectives, the following:

  • the understanding of the ICT role in the patient safety and the risk management from the user point of view,
  • review of the activities in progress,
  • identifying the important actors in the eHealth field,
  • discussing the research themes addressed at the European level.

The participants had the possibility to know each other and to contribute with ideas to the future work agenda of the commission. SIVECO Romania was represented by Ms. Lucreţia Maiorescu, Head of European Projects Department.

"If we think about our previous expertise in the field of eHealth projects (both in Romania and abroad), about the development objectives and about our tendency to permanently extend ourselves on the European market, the workshop in Bruxelles was very interesting for Siveco Romania. We had the opportunity to meet important players on the market of Health IT solutions and to lay the foundation of a future cooperation", said Ms. Lucreţia Maiorescu at the end of the Bruxelles event.

Among the eHealth references portfolio of SIVECO Romania there are projects like Nepenthes Global Concentrator (for the French Health Insurance System), HZZO pilot project for the Croatian health insurance system, the Integrated Information System (which implementation is in progress) at the National House for Health Insurance.

The experience of SIVECO Romania specialists in major projects both on domestic and international markets were very much appreciated by the experts of the European Commission.