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SIVECO Romania eLearning expertise contributed to Romania’s inclusion in large European projects

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Bucharest, July 14th 2005 - Romania’s progresses in computer assisted learning have recently received a new international recognition by accepting our country in a major eLearning program, financed by EU funds within Minerva - SOCRATES 2004 program.

The eDraw project, dedicated to virtual collaboration environment for arts study started in October 2004 and will roll out for two years, financed within the European Union Minerva - SOCRATES 2004 project.

AeL platform nomination –developed by SIVECO Romania-for European IST Prize draw Europe’s attention on Romanian capabilities in eLearning. Due to its expertise in the Romanian area, consolidated by SIVECO Romania participation in the IT-Based Educational Program (SEI), the company was invited to take part as a pedagogical partner in the eDraw project.

„The perfect matching between eDraw objectives – use of IT tools for art study- and SEI project makes us strongly believe that SIVECO Romania is the most suitable Romanian partner in this project. Cooperation with partners from France, Italy, Luxemburg, Bulgaria and Latvia is a real gain both in terms of eLearning experience and promoting Romanian arts abroad”, says Lucreţia Maiorescu, European Projects Department Manager within SIVECO Romania.

eDraw emerged as a consequence of the lack of resources against which pedagogues, pupils and students in arts fight. The unquestionable European tradition imposes the improvement of the situation by encouraging with all means the artistic intercultural dialogue and discovery of new means for arts study progress.

„By participating in eDraw, we will be able to put at students and teachers’ disposal digital lessons, true ergonomic solutions to support them in the didactic activity. The lessons will be available for all the countries, thus making an excellent way for promoting Romanian arts abroad” says Radu Jugureanu, eContent Manager within SIVECO Romania.

The AeL lessons interactive package, distributed by SIVECO Romania within SEI has been recently nominated to represent Romania in the eLearning section of the eContent–World Summit Award –which will take place in Tunis, in November.

An important issue is quality insurance from all points of view. This includes didactic quality, contribution to the reaching process, formative and informative value, meeting the applicable psycho-pedagogical principles, integration in curricula and teaching methodologies, usability, compatibility criteria and compliance with the standards, performance and stability.