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SIVECO Romania enriched its portfolio with a new client

Friday, January 27, 2006

Bucharest, 27th January 2006 - Romanian economy tends to align itself to the international market standards. More and more companies, from various economic sectors started a complex revitalization process, which means modernizing systems, including information systems.

INTER- METACO DEVA also chose to automate its activities with the help of SIVECO Applications Integrated System.

INTER- METACO DEVA activates in diverse economic sectors, caring out activities in constructions assembling area, infrastructure for roads and bridges and also provides wastage colleting and recycling services.

The integrated system, which will be implemented encloses the most important components of the SIVECO solution: Financial-Accounting Management Component, Fixed Assets and Inventory Items Management Component, Contracts Management Component, Maintenance and Inventory Components, Payroll Management Component, Cost Controlling Management Component, And SIVECO Business Analyzer – Management Information System

„Implementing and using SIVECO Applications Integrated System will bring lots of benefits to INTER-METACO DEVA. SIVECO Applications is a complex integrated system that will assure information, technological and infrastructure coherence” declares Codrut Iancu, Area Sales Manager within SIVECO Romania

The implementation and use of SIVECO Applications system determines an improvement of the organization activity by productivity increase, a judicious use of human and material resources, operative and detailed information about incomes and expenses and the possibility to reduce costs. Furthermore, the users are better oriented in the business environment, which leads to an increased concurrency between them. And, last but not least, the improved communication between a company and its partners allows a better integration and cooperation

„Today, more and more companies understand the advantages of implementing an integrated system. SIVECO Romania answers to their needs providing a mature product, which meets the business needs of every company regardless the industry it activates, thus contributing to the streamlining and profitability of their business” declares Sorin Dimofte, Manager Direct Sales and Consultancy within SIVECO Romania.