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SIVECO Romania enters the international IPMA final with two projects: SIUI and NCTS

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

This year, the International Project Management Association has nominated SIVECO Romania for the projects developed for the medical and customs systems, respectively

Bucharest, 21st of September 2011 - Two high complexity and large scale projects, having millions of beneficiaries, to which the specialists of SIVECO Romania have has a major contribution, have entered the competition rewarding excellence in project management. Thus, the project of the Unique Integrated Information System (SIUI), carried out by the consortium formed of HP (as integrator) and SIVECO Romania for the National health Insurance House (CNAS), and the project New Computerized Transit System, developed and implemented by SIVECO Romania at the National Customs Authority in Romania (ANV), have received the Finalist title at this year's edition of the competition organized by IPMA. The awarding Gala takes place during the 25 International IPMA Congress organized in the period 10-12 October in Brisbane, Australia.
Real Oscar-like awards for Excellence in Projects Management, the IPMA awards are granted in three categories: Mega-sized Projects, Big-Sized Projects and Medium-Sized Projects.

The NCTS project competes in the category "medium size projects", while the SIUI project has been selected in the category "large size projects".

In the final competition, SIUI is competing against other 6 remarkable projects (covering various areas of activity and very powerful countries from the economic point of view):
• Carbon Dioxide Recovery, Bahrain, carried out by Tecnimont ICB Private Ltd - India
• Corporate CRM System, Russia, carried out by Sberbank of Russia - Russia
• New Public Hospital in Legnano, Italy, carried out by Techint Engineering & Construction - Italy
• Qatar Modular Replacement, Qatar, carried out GE Oil & Gas - Contractual Services - Italy
• Renewal of Closed Circuit Television Terminal 1 & Terminal 2, Munich Airport, Germany, carried out by Munich Airport - IT Department - Germany
• UPS Worldort Expansion, USA, carried out by Siemens Industry Inc./Siemens AG - Germany

The selection of the SIUI project from very many candidate projects from all over the world appreciated as one of the achievements that have reached the level of excellence in Project Management is a really outstanding performance.

This recognition given by the most respected authority in the field of project management (from all field of activity, not just from the IT sector) proves once more the extraordinary value of the system implemented at CNAS (National health Insurance House), this time appreciated at world level.

The selection of SIUI comes as a result of an audit performed by a team of international IPMA auditors, from Turkey, Netherlands, China, Iran and Greece. Further on, the evaluation of all the candidate projects was performed by an international jury on 18th September, 2011 in Berlin, and SIUI was chosen among the Finalists of the competition.

"We are very honored by this new nomination which rewards two of the biggest IT projects in our country. Such a nomination represents not just a team success, but also a reference for future projects. Through each such acknowledgement, Romania proves it has top IT specialists who can compete anytime with International players from this industry", has stated Irina Socol, President and CEO of SIVECO Romania.

SIVECO Romania enters for the fifth time in a row the international final of the companies with best projects worldwide. In 2007, the IT-based Education System was selected in the Grand IPMA Gala.

In 2009, the solution developed by SIVECO Romania for the IT system operating at the Payments and Intervention Agency for Agriculture has received the Finalist trophy. In 2010, two components of the project "Knowledge based Economy", the Portal eComunitate ( and the Program of ITC training in school and business have received the Finalist statute.

IPMA is the most respected authority in terms of project management, while the international jury endorsing the annual IPMA Gala Awards competition being well known for its professionalism and exigency. This year, we celebrate the 25th edition of the competition.

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