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SIVECO Romania – an excellent investor in people

Thursday, November 25, 2004

Bucharest, November 25th 2004 –Within the awards ceremony for the MBA program graduators of the Open University Business School, CODECS presented the annual awards for Best Investor in People, Best Business Partner and Best Press Friend.

As a recognition of the active involvement in human resources development and of the fact that investment in human resources is the right way towards business success, this year CODECS awarded SIVECO Romania as Best Investor in People.

 „Resources sustaining an organization belong to the financial, material and human field, and human resources are the link which make them work, control and turns the others into good account. The companies which are aware of this fact involve actively into training, protecting and providing proper professional development environment for the employees. This is why the award from CODECS is so valuable to us.”, says Daniela Bichir, HR & Quality  Assurance Manager within SIVECO Romania.

Continuous improvement of the team’s performances by permanently investing in staff training, pleasant work environment and a proper compensation are major concerns for SIVECO Romania.

The company is using the services of prestigious companies in Romania and abroad for continuously training its team: QA Training – U.K., Oracle, Open University – U.K, Microsoft, HP Germany, IRM – U.K., European Software Institute, CODECS, etc.