SIVECO Romania at Expo Apa 2004, the reunion of those who contribute to the rehabilitation and development of water supply field | SIVECO Romania

SIVECO Romania at Expo Apa 2004, the reunion of those who contribute to the rehabilitation and development of water supply field

Monday, May 24, 2004

24th of May 2004, Bucharest - Water supply and sewerage field developed a great deal after 1990 in Romania, because of external loans from BERD, BEI or World Bank, and in the last two years, with the help of ISPA, SAMTID or SAPARD programs there have been aimed unredeemable funds of hundreds of millions of euros.

Present for 10 years on the market Romanian Association for Water organized again this year the exhibition Expo Apa 2004. Within the event that has already become a tradition, specialists from water supply field, sewerage systems field, cleaning stations, designing fiels, scientific research, equipments and technology producers meet to find out the latest news regarding the efforts to rehabilitate the public services infrastructure. Expo Apa 2004 reunited 75 companies from 12 countries.

Besides the presentation stands, the exhibition's list of activities included a series of conferences, round tables, seminars and presentations of the suppliers.

At SIVECO Romania's stand, the company's specialists discussed with partners from utilities domain, clients and potential clients. There had been made presentations of software products dedicated to the water supply sector and not only.

For the utility suppliers, one of the most important components within SIVECO Applications integrated package is the billing Component.

"This component is the result of the problems encountered by the utility suppliers, who still encounter problems regarding invoicing and the collection of the invoices for the utilities" declares Sorin Dimofte, manager of Implementation Department within SIVECO Romania." For a long time, on Romanian market there was no software product that could satisfy the requirements for the use and management of a very large amount of data. The financial and accounting departments of the utility suppliers kept and still keep separate from the financial-accounting activity the records of the invoicing/invoice collection activities. In these circumstances, the processing of the large amount of data is difficult, as the data within the invoicing/invoice collection records must be input again (manually) into the financial statements of the company (in consequence, the efficiency of finance and accounting operations is low and, implicitly, the costs are very high).

Now, the Billing Component helps streamline activities rendering efficient the invoicing recording and fast invoice collection activity at the level of a large number of customers, for the utility suppliers, such as drinking water, hot water, heat carrier, electric power, natural gas, sanitation services, cable television and Internet, etc.

"Another component that targets utility suppliers is the Contracts Management Component, which helps define and monitor different types of contacts, starting with the negotiations stage until the obligations and rights have been fulfilled or cancellation of the contact." says Vasile Neacsu, Project Manager within SIVECO Romania. "Besides the information regarding the concluding date of the contract, place, status, client/supplier, contract's responsible etc, with the help of this application the information regarding the articles, services, delivery terms, invoicing terms, collection/payment terms, penalties, commissions, discounts can be also managed - all these options being activated with respect to the specific of the activity of every organization. Also, special situations can be controlled, for example, price deviation, suspension of payment or payment restriction"

Another useful instrument for any manger is SIVECO Business Analyzer.

"This Management IT System (SIM) is a flexible and high performance instrument that monitors and correlates all the levels of the company activity enabling a real-time analytical and synthetic data processing." Appreciates Aurora Crusti, manager of SIVECO Applications Department "Another facility of this instrument is the possibility to prevent different effects that possible events might have"