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SIVECO Romania extends his team

Monday, August 28, 2006

Bucharest, 28th of September 2006 - The international business development is inducing an increase of SIVECO Romania team

Focused in developing and integrating software technologies, SIVECO management considers the quality of its specialists is the key for performance and for regional and international competitiveness. That’s the reason why it is a priority for the company to recruit the best prepared specialists, offering them motivating work conditions and continue improving career by trainings in Romania and broad.

The recruitment process is intermediated by work placement agencies, and is also realized internal by HR department. “In this period we are interested most of all in specialists trained in programming field and also in project management and business analysis like: Oracle Senior Programmer and Senior Java Programmer, Senior Project Manager. But, in the same time, SIVECO Romania is among the companies who hire recent graduated persons. Many of our colleagues, which started theirs careers during studies ended becoming today Project Manager, Product Manager and even Department Manager, declares Daniela Bichir, Quality and Human Resources Manager.

The company is initiating the SIVECO Academy project to acquire a quick integration of the newest employees on the work market. The program‘s objectives are to assure a professional training in IT sector by sharing the SIVECO team knowledge and experience, to involve students in an active study and to offer them the opportunity to start theirs careers in SIVECO.

SIVECO Romania constant invests in personal training, annually allocating an important budget percentage for the improving of its specialists. For example, only in the firsts 6 month of 2006, about 250 employees have taken external training courses.

There are various training domains proposed by SIVECO Romania. Every employee has access to proper courses for his personal career plan. We can mention the following courses: programming, project management, sales, quality assurance, “soft-skills” development (presentation abilities, negotiation, customer care) and MBA. In the same time, the company offers managerial programs, allowing to professional employees to reach a top management position.

„We consider that the most precious company asset is its employees. Is to them that the organization owes its achievements. That’s the reason why we always invest in theirs competences improvement and we create the best conditions for their professional evolution” says Irina Socol, SIVECO Romania General Manager. I consider this is the most important aspect which always brings the best results, because only when you are motivated and you like what you do, you can reach performance. A dynamic work environment, recognition of individual and work team skills and material rewards are equally important. I may say that the salaries level of SIVECO employees are aligned to those in EU, and every employee shares the team spirit, declares Irina Socol.

SIVECO Romania permanent concern to improve employees abilities leaded to an important place in the top of hiring organizations and brought the title of „ Best Investor in People”.

„SIVECO Romania is a young and dynamic team who consistently demonstrated its excellence in IT domain. Stays testimony its internal and international multiple awards and recognitions. I am pride to work beside my colleagues and I think that is an opportunity and a privilege for everybody who chose working with them. SIVECO Romania is certainly the place where you can become the best because you have the chance to work with the most qualified specialists in the area.”