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SIVECO Romania, first place in "Top National Companies 2008"

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

SIVECO Romania won a new prize: first place in the category "Research and Development and High Tech/Information Technology." The award was granted by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania, during the XV edition of the event "Top National Companies in 2008”. 

Six areas of activity are stipulated aiming to carry out the Romanian Companies Top: Research and Development and High Tech, Industry, Agriculture, Fishing and Fish culture; Constructions, Services; Trade, export, tourism.

Each contains the top 10 companies for each area, group work and class size enterprises. The indicators used to rank companies were net turnover, operating profit, profit rate, human resources efficient use, development effort, and efficiency of using the working capital.

The classification consisted in processing by the 42 Chambers of Commerce and Industry Councils of financial data on the 617,000 businesses that have made the balance sheet for the financial year 2007. Of these, 201,000 have fulfilled the conditions for participation in top companies and 28,400 have access in the 42 county tops the 1-10 places.

Irina Socol President and CEO of SIVECO Romania, said: "
We are delighted that we maintain over 10 years in the top of the best companies in Romania. The projects that we develop - in education, health, agriculture, for public administration,  shown that we can be useful to people, we can help companies to develop themselves, and this motivated us and encourajed  us to be performant."

Companies ranked in places 1-10 represents a rate of 0.3% of all companies in Romania, but generates more than 30% of the turnover of firms in Romania, providing jobs for 15% of the number of employees.

In terms of structuring companies designated places on 1-10 class size, 25.37% are micro, 25.04% - small, 23.15% - medium-sized enterprises, 17.17% - large enterprises, 9 25% - very large enterprises.

The competition selects values, determining them to accept the title of «point of reference». Those businessmen should be followed in their success, "said Michael Vlasov, president of CCIR.