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SIVECO Romania gains the trust of a new customer

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Bucharest, April 27, 2006 – The need to accelerate and increase efficiency of business processes, the need to adapt to adjust to the latest wave of new technologies, the need to comply to certain standards or to align to international trends, as well as the need to promote a consistent and coherent public image, force more and more companies to purchase software solutions that enable them to cope with all these challenges.

Aker Tulcea SA becomes SIVECO Romania’s customer due to a recently signed contract for the implementation of SIVADOC – a Workflow and Document Management System. AKER Tulcea is part of a Norwegian group of shipyards – Aker Kvaerner Yards – the largest in Europe and the 5th in the world. The company became a private enterprise in the year 2000 and the positive results acquired during the past years, the significant investments made and the highly qualified personnel ensured a broad international recognition and a breakthrough in the shipyard industry.         

The Workflow and Document Management System developed by SIVECO Romania provides a common platform designed to bring together people, processes and information in order to streamline and automate document flow, to optimize access to information and to prevent from unauthorized access     

The direct beneficiaries of these advanced internal communication flows will be equally the organization at large, by improved operational efficiency and lower costs for document processing, as well as the customers by using better services, enhanced communication and transparency. 

Using SIVADOC, searching tracking documents becomes very easy. By specifying brief information on the searched documents, the system shall submit to the user a list with all the existing documents matching such information, enabling him/her to find the exact location of the searched document.

The system offers a solid security mechanism, based on the definition of access rights for users, granted by the system administrator, as per the role they have in the system.

Another benefit lies in the solution availability, any user entered in the system, with sufficient rights, having the password to connect from any computer via a Web browser and to work in the system.

An efficient and organized information management and flow within an organization is a complex and difficult activity, but nevertheless a basis of organizations’ function.

We are very content about the AKER TULCEA choice and we are sure that the SIVADOC implementation will improve communication and organization’s transparency, contributing to alignment to the present business trends”, says Mr. Dragoş Făgurel, SIVADOC Product Manager.  

„I selected SIVECO solution because we belive that will solve the management information specific strucured problems, in general,  but also the quality management problems says MR. Lungu, Technical Director, AKER TULCEA.