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SIVECO Romania @ GITEX 2006 Dubai

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Bucharest, 23rd of November 2006 – During 18 and 22nd of November, Dubai became the host of the Middle East’s most important exhibition of this fall, where 76 countries represented by over 1340 companies from the IT&C sector presented the latest technologies and novelties in the field.

The 26th edition of the GITEX exhibition was inaugurated on the 18th of November, in the presence of the Vice-president and the Premier of Dubai, the sheik Mohammed bin Rashid Maktoum and of the GITEX fair’s manager.

Taking place at World Trade Center Dubai, the event targeted practical aspects of the sector and addressed mainly to the sector’s specialists: local firms, global IT leaders, well known companies all over the world.

Along with other 14 Romanian companies, SIVECO Romania was present at the exhibition, providing the visitors, potential partners and clients, with a closer look on the companies’ solutions and projects, thus amplifying their notoriety on the Middle East market. During GITEX 2006, over 130 000 visitors exchanged information with the exhibitors, SIVECO Romania making contact with numerous companies, also exhibiting there or just visiting.

The software solutions presented by SIVECO Romania during the fair are: the AeL eLearning platform, the solutions dedicated to the eHealth and eGovernment domains and the company’s ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) integrated package – SIVECO Applications.

Designed for the computer assisted training (CAL), as well as for computer based learning, the eLearning AeL Enterprise platform is the first system of this type entirely developed in Romania. AeL Enterprise is an integrated complete platform for learning and content management, dedicated to training environments inside the corporations, easily adapted to the specific requirements of every organization. The system is built upon a flexible model, organizationally speaking but also regarding the management of the training materials (interactive sessions can be achieved with the help of multimedia facilities, of the video conferences, and, during the presentations there can be integrated the most frequently used MS Office documents, movies and other multimedia materials). AeL can be used in different languages, regions, at different studying levels and organizational types, allowing also testing facilities in order to satisfy the need for measuring the impact and efficiency of the training programs for continuously improvement of employees’ performances.

During the 2006 GITEX exhibition, the SIVECO Romania’s expertise in the eLearning and eHealth fields represented a starting point for various discussions with the visitors at SIVECO stand.  This way, the company’s important projects in Romania were presented, like the program for the Romanian Education and Research Ministry, SEI – Information Education System, or the information system project implemented at the National Health Insurance House.

The integrated information package is a result of 11 years of 100% Romanian development and implementation, a local product successfully competing globally with notorious companies. The solutions included in the SIVECO Applications integrated package are based on the latest technologies and address to the large and medium organizations in all the industrial and commercial sectors. Defined by flexibility and enhanced capacity of adaptation to the beneficiary’s business particularities, the SIVECO Romania’s solutions offer as main facilities: efficient economic management, dataflow automation, data consistency and coherence, quick information recovery and reports, redesign of information flows.

The company’s expertise in projects of complex information systems represented an attraction point, the company’s booth being visited by numerous businessmen from Middle East countries and from Europe as well. The company’s presence at this international exhibition resulted in a more thorough view of the region’s business environment, as well as in the beginning or the consolidation of business relations with numerous attending companies worldwide.