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SIVECO Romania granted the „Excellency in Teaching” award

Friday, March 18, 2005

Bucharest, March 18th 2005 – Within the ninth edition of the Corporate Citizen Awards, organized by the Bucharest Business Week magazine, two great teachers, Ema Cerchez and Marinel Şerban were granted by SIVECO Romania the „Excellency in Teaching Award”, for the passion and patience they put in discovering and encouraging year after year the computer science talents.

 „We strongly believe that the private sector can effectively and consistently the community. On two conditions: there must be resources and generosity. After all, donations and sponsorships come from the bank account, but also from the heart.

Our company is actively involved in sustaining the educational field, and without neglecting the support for the suffering; we wish we could help more those with high performances.

I would like to thank the wonderful teachers Ema Cerchez and Marinel Şerban for the energy and devotion they have invested in .Champion, an effort that brings Romania every year important medals in the computer science international contests. It’s not easy to train on line thousands of pupils passionate for IT, or come up with new problems for them to solve them every other week.

The children enrolled in the last year edition of .Champion got remarkable results in the international competitions, and their success is also the merit of the two hearty and valuable teachers we have the honor to celebrate today”, says Irina Socol, General Manager of SIVECO Romania.

The two are the coordinators of the .Champion project, a competition held within SIVECO Romania Virtual Center for Excellency.               

Now at its second edition, .Champion is a great success as far as quantity and quality of the participants are concerned.

In the current edition, 3000 pupils from all over the country trained on the Internet  in 12 weekly rounds for the major computer science competitions. The final round will take place in Valenii de Munte, 15 to 19 of April.

„These children are extremly special. They are very talented, but, as far as you all know, their potential must be backed up by intensive training, in order to be at their pick.

This is the very goal of the .Champion- to train those with passion for computer science to become champions. We hope that the results will be visible first of all in the Computer Science National Olympics which will be held in Galati in a few weeks”, declare the two teachers of the .Champions spiritual parents.

About .Champion

Any pupil that has access to a computer connected to Internet can participate at “.Champion”.

The competition is structured according to age levels: first level-pupils up to IX grade; second level-X grade pupils and third level- XI-XII grade pupils, but for those little by age but advanced in informatics field there is the possibility to participate at a higher level.

Those registered in the competition can train themselves in the rounds.

In a round we propose two algorithmic issues. The solution for one issue means to implement the solution in one of the following programming languages: Pascal, C or C++ and to send it for evaluation using the site.

Training rounds alternate with those in the competition. In a training round are proposed

The issues that the participants have to provide a solution within two weeks.

Once a month there is competition round, in which the participants provide solutions to the proposed issues according deadlines, with the purpose to train themselves for informatics competitions. The pupils have to send their solutions only by using the site, by the date and hour specified as the finish moment of that round.

All the solutions are evaluated by an automated evaluation soft, similar with those used at international informatics competitions. The soft has been elaborated by Mihai Patrascu, former international competition winner, now student at M.I.T. and had been used both in 2002 and 2003 trainings of national informatics team, as well as at Balkan Information Contest 2003, that took place in Iasi.

The week after the evaluation, the authors of the issues will post on the web the possible solution for the proposed issues, as well as the tests used for evaluation.

.Champion is coordinated by Emanuela Cerchez and Marinel Serban (teachers, Iasi).

Together with SIVECO CUP, .Champion is part of the SIVECO Romania Virtual Center for Excellency, organized in partnership with the Ministry of Education and Research (details on