SIVECO Romania has broad accses to Intel platform, technology and development tools | SIVECO Romania

SIVECO Romania has broad accses to Intel platform, technology and development tools

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Bucharest - 19th of October 2005 - Not long after the announcement of Intel Capital investment in SIVECO Romania, the largest software house in Romania, the cooperation starts to materialize by signining agreements that allow SIVECO’s specialists to have accesss to latest Intel technologies.

The two organizations agreed on SIVECO Romania’s access to „Intel Platform Enabling Program”, „Intel Itanium Processor Platform Enabling Program”, „Intel Xeon Processor Platform Enabling Program” and „Intel Mobility Platform Enabling Program”

„Intel investment in SIVECO Romania has a more profound significance than the finacial one: it is at the same time, a capital of confidence and one of technology. As a result of the new  business relationship between the two companies, SIVECO Romania has now access to the latest Intel technology platforms, performant IT tools, complex projects and last but not least quality taining for its specialists” declares Irina Socol, General Manager of SIVECO Romania. 

„The relationship between Intel and SIVECO Romania is extremely benefic for the IT Romanian market in general, because due to this partnership, SIVECO Romania’s specialists, some of the most valuable in in the country , have access to the latest Intel technologies, know-how and training and this help them inprove the solutions they develop” says Irinel Burloiu, Intel Romania Business Development Manager.

In midsummer, Intel Capital, Intel Corporation's venture investment program and Enterprise Investors (EI), the largest private equity firm in Central and Eastern Europe announced a major investment in SIVECO Romania, investment that marks the first year of activity of both Intel and Enterprise Investors’ representative offices in Romania.

„This technological cooperation leads to more and more competitive products, that can add value to the business of SIVECO Romania’  solutions beneficiares,which is very important for Romanian economy taking into account the near adhesion of our country to European Union”, adds Irina SOCOL, General Manager of SIVECO Romania.