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SIVECO Romania, INFOeducation National Contest sponsor

Friday, August 2, 2002

Bucharest, 2nd August 2002 - Organized by the Ministry of Education and Research (MEC), INFOeducation contest ( addresses to the pupils with IT abilities and skills (educational software, web pages, etc).

INFOeducation contest passes, until the national stage, through several selection stages: school unit, local and county levels. During every stage the participants (IX-XII forms students) present their works. The commissions for school, local and county stages were established through the "Regulation for school competitions and Olympics organization ".

In the national phase, 160 students (4 finalists are invited from each county and 22 from Bucharest) participate in Galaciuc school camp. Except the activities related to the contest, the children also have a camp program: entertainment, sport and trips.

SIVECO Romania offers, besides other sponsors, prizes for educational software and utility software sections. These prizes consist of hardware equipment. SIVECO Romania will offer as well a special prize ("SIVECO prize") to the candidate who developed the most creative application.

The best works in the contest will be selected in order to be recorded on a CD.

The prize award festivity will took place on August 9, at 11:00 o'clock.

SIVECO Romania is actively involved in supporting such kind of school contests, its purpose being to discover young programmers with special aptitudes in the field of educational software development.

By such actions and by constant dialogue with students and teachers, SIVECO specialists appraise the software requirements and needs for the undergraduate education.