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SIVECO Romania in Japan and Korea

Tuesday, November 11, 2003

Bucharest, 11th November 2003 - In order to promote the Romanian industry and our country’s exports offer in Japan and Korea, the Ministry of Economy and Commerce is organizing in November, in association with the Romanian Embassies in the two Asian countries, an economic mission.

This event also benefits from Romanian, Japanese and Korean professional associations’ support.

The Romanian delegations are made up of representatives from 30 companies, most of them from IT field.

«This economic mission is one of the results of the Ministry of Economy and Commerce initiative to support small and medium sized companies in promoting their exports by facilitating their access, assertion and capitalization of the export potential on the external markets, as well as reducing the market information gap between UE countries, consulting and training services for the Romanian organizations», says Ioana PANĂ, International Sales Manager at SIVECO Romania. 

The national multi-yearly Program 2002-2005 meant to support the  development of small and medium sized companies’ exports focuses on:

  • Promoting the small and medium sized companies’ products and services on the external markets;
  • Stimulating communications and partnership initiatives in international business;
  • Training the entrepreneurs in promoting export techniques;
  • Improving the small and medium sized companies’ access to market information and facilitating their capitalization on the external markets.

"The pragmatic manner of organizing this event makes the difference from the previous ones: face-to-face meetings with decision makers from Japanese and Korean organizations are scheduled, based on previously identified opportunities. This specific business- oriented approach makes us believe this event will be very successful", Pană declares.

The successful cooperation between SIVECO Romania and international companies is one of its key competitive advantages - half of the company’s turnover comes from export.

Although SIVECO imposed itself on the Western-European and North American markets, it also became more and more interested in the Asian markets. Consequently, SIVECO’s business portfolio already includes Japanese organizations, such as AMANO.

However, during several governmental delegations organized by the Romanian Ministry of Communications and Technology, contacts have been established in India and China, with companies showing a great interest in SIVECO products and services.

The products with the highest potential on this market include: AEL e-Learning Platform, SIVADOC document management system and Internet Bar - an innovative technological initiative, allowing the Internet surfers to use non-Latin alphabets (domains, sub-domains, email addresses).