SIVECO Romania launches AeL Enterprise - the eLearning platform dedicated to the corporate environment | SIVECO Romania

SIVECO Romania launches AeL Enterprise - the eLearning platform dedicated to the corporate environment

Friday, January 21, 2005

Bucharest, 21st January 2005 – Managers of the most important organizations acting on the Romanian market and leaders of the business community took part at the end of last week in the launching event  of the AeL Enterprise platform in an amazing show of sound, light and IT. SIVECO Romania, the developer of the platform answers the increasing needs for training in the Romanian business environment.

AeL Enterprise is a mature product, which is needed more where the employees’ training leads not to good marks but to making the difference between profit and loss. We created this platform with the needs of our over 350 clients in mind, using the world best practices in the field”, declares Irina SOCOL, General Manager SIVECO Romania at the opening of the event. “AeL makes possible for all the employees of a company, whether they are at the headquarters in Bucharest, the subsidiary in Cluj, the office in Bacau or the branch in Belgrad, to benefit from the same kind of training, be influenced by the same corporate culture and apply the same procedures, regardless of their being together in the same training room or stay at their offices, being linked by one platform: Advanced eLearning”.

The result of the development effort of the SIVECO Romania team came up rapidly: in September 2004, AeL was nominated by the European Commission for the European IST Prize, fully meeting the criteria set by the evaluation committee of the European Commission: innovative content, added value in the training process, applicable in various fields.

AeL Enterprise is the only Learning Management System which covers the main three training types:

  • Asincronous (the trainer prepairs the content and each trainee learns at his own pace)
  • Sincronous in the classroom (the trainer and the trainees are phisycally in the same room and can communicate directly)
  • Sincronous at a distance (the trainer and the trainers all communicate communicate within the system)

AeL Enterprise is not an experiment and it’s not a fashion”, said Florin Ilia, Internet Space Department Manager on the launching event. „It’s a mature, solid product, oriented towards the needs of those who use it, a powerful, flexible, easy to use tool. AeL is not just software, it’a friend who is teaching you how to learn””

AeL Enterprise launch at the very beginning of the 13th years of activity for SIVECO Romania is being looked upon with optimism by the company’s management team, Irina Socol stating at the end of the event: “Being no.1 always implies a great responsibility towards our client. We used our clients to have great expectations regarding SIVECO Romania. AeL Enterprise is the first Romanian eLearning product dedicated to the corporate environment. We’ll do our best to confirm their expectations and stay on top with AeL”.