SIVECO Romania launches a new IT solution: Farm Register | SIVECO Romania

SIVECO Romania launches a new IT solution: Farm Register

Monday, March 9, 2009

SIVECO Romania aids city halls with a new software solution: Farm Register.

Farm Register addresses city halls, cities or municipalities, including city halls in the area of Bucharest in need of a precise management of households and units with legal personality that have construction or land on the city.

Farm Register forms approved by the Government is one of the conditions required to carry out economic activities in agriculture according to OG 28/2008. Thus, the form in this document is required to receive certificate of agricultural production for sale of products to market or to issue a document to prove ownership of the animals to sell them in markets.

Proposed IT solution provides a friendly interface and easy to manage, providing standard reports also needed to centralize data.

The application provides management and reporting information relating to the household, land ownership, how to use the agricultural area located on the town, on the arable land cultivated range locality, fruit trees, arranged for irrigated areas, domestic animals, the evolution of livestock production, equipment , agricultural equipment and transport.

"The solution developed by SIVECO Romania is competitive and comply with all legal provisions relating to Farm Register - and highlighting security operations, search by multiple criteria, sorting information by predefined criteria, drawing situations. Registration and household members in the Register of Agricultural in electronic format allows the rapid location and access to their data (construction, land, actual animals, fruit trees and equipment) for the legal forms that beneficiaries need," said Marius Vidican, project manager, SIVECO Romania.

Farm Register joins other complex IT applications from SIVECO Romania which manages integrated resources that public administration has: iTaxCollect Local Taxes and Fees, Infochiosc, Document management and workflows, SIVECO Business Analyzer, Management Contracts, ePortal.