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SIVECO ROMANIA launches new products at CERF 2002

Wednesday, April 24, 2002

Bucharest - April 24, 2002 - Traditionally, CERF represents the place to present the latest technologies, to launch new products and make presentations.

This year, in the stand no.1418, the visitors could watch demonstrations of the latest SIVECO Romania products: SIVABON - a system for checking customer reliability and SIVADOC - the solution for document management.

A premiere on the local software market, SIVABON is a "credit bureau" product, that is an information system that manages customers with debts or who, out of various reasons, have a certain degree of risk with respect to service providing.

"As an immediate benefit, the system contributes to the substantial decrease of money loss due to bad payers. When tracking down customers in debt or having payment problems, the system owner, referred to as Participant, can take any measure imposed by the company policy (require an advance, specify a safe payment means, refuse a service etc)," specified Dana Şargu, SIVECO Romania Project Manager.

The system provides customers management at national level, for clients in debt or fraudulent, so that they can be tracked down in real time.

Each customer recorded in SIVABON database is assigned a reliability (a qualifier, or even better, a risk coefficient). This risk coefficient is automatically computed by the program based on the owed amount, debt time-span or gravity of the found out disorder.

The system manages two customer categories: Debtors and Fraudulents

For the debtors, the risk coefficient is established based on the owed amount and debt time-span.

For the fraudulent customers, detected with false, stolen or invalid papers, the system automatically bestows the maximum risk degree (Fraud).

The decision related to measures to be taken when tracing a customer in customer individually.

The debt amount or the associated details (proving financial-accounting documents) represent secured information that cannot be viewed but by the debited customer (and, possibly, by its subunits).

SIVABON is a 3-layer structured WEB application, based on an Oracle 8i server for the server layer, Java and Oracle technologies for the middle layer and having a DHTML and Java technology based interface.

The users can access the system in order to check potential customers reliability by using a WEB browser. After entering the identification criteria, the system displays the selected customers highlighting the associated risk degree.

The system can import data concerning debtors; the fraudulent customers are interactively managed.

The system is designed in a modular, open and extensible so that new facilities can be added and the existing ones can be improved. The system data and features are protected by specific access rights.

"Success doesn?t necessarily mean carrying out forecasts. Innovation can represent a step forward, one of the most valuable assets and benefits a company can use when trying to win. Understanding the fact that any organization faces many obstacles or challenges, we offer a way to be permanently prepared for prompt reaction in critical situations and growth of the whole activity?s effectiveness", declared Doina Popa, SIVADOC project manager at SIVECO Romania.

The purpose of the SIVADOC system is to facilitate work in any company, enabling easy document and document versions management for the teams involved in the company management, and offering ways to define document processing at a certain moment.

SIVADOC system represents an elegant and yet intuitive way to use and manage documents and work flows. It can be used by all size companies, providing support for the simultaneous parallel connection of several users, grouped on interest areas relative to the activities carried out within the company.

The application is structured on the following modules:

- SIVLibrary - is responsible for the storing and managing any kind of documents (documents, images etc.) and their versions, allowing document viewing and various actions (for example saving, modifying, marking a document as being in use by a certain user);

- SIVNotifier - is used to display notifications for users when certain events occur, such as receiving a work order;

- SIVWebServices - gives the possibility to customize users? work space according to their preferences;

- SIVAdmin - is aimed for users and user groups lists management, as well as for user access rights for different system features;

- SIVWorkflow - is responsible for document management created or modified during processing;

- SIVExchange - provides mechanisms for the integration with e-mail applications such as MS Outlook or MS Outlook Express;

- SIVForum - provides access to discussion lists and forums improving the communication within the company and facilitating data access.

The system offers an integrated working environment for all team members, starting with the users having coordination rights and ending with common users.

Therefore, users can view the documents stored in the library organized based on practical necessities and in an intuitive manner. The tree presentation of the library content, similar to a standard file system, makes very easy data managing.

The system also keeps all the versions of a processed object that could later on be consulted or obtained if necessary.

The system provides a solid security mechanism based on the definition of user access rights with respect to information depending on the users role in the system.

Another advantage is accessibility, taking into account the fact that any user registered in the system who has enough rights can connect from any computer through a Web browser and work in the system.

By granting easy access to documents and support for work organization, SIVADOC leads to a more efficient activity of the companies using it.

The user interface was designed to be intuitive, with hints for buttons, easily accessible and well defined features, structured on use levels. The interface type is flexible and needs only a Web browser on the user's computer for becoming operational.

The system layer architecture allows the user to replace a layer considered obsolete or less efficient compared to newly issued technologies, with a more advanced one, by making minimum modifications to the other layers.

The modularity makes the system flexible, easy to extend and adapt.

SIVECO also presented at CERF 2002 an extension of SIVECO Applications integrated package: IAS (International Accounting System) module - an adaptation to the international accounting.

The module allows: the transition from the Romanian accounting to the international accounting standards and thus bookkeeping according to IAS.

The transition to IAS involves two new sub-modules created for IAS processing and for inflation adjustment (according to IAS29 ), creates the possibility to run a balance with or without IAS, creates intermediary IAS balances, gives the possibility to make versions of the account plan.

In order to keep the accounts according to IAS, a new sub-module was developed to manage the risk and expense provisions, the possibility to reevaluate invoices in foreign currencies (issued/received) was created, a sub-module was developed to obtain all report situations according to IAS standards, the fixed assets module was adapted to IAS standards.

"SIVECO Applications IAS module meets the requirements of the Romanian financial authorities to comply with the international accounting standards. Having to face these conditions, our customers asked for a solution - and IAS module solved exactly that problem. Reporting according to the international standards facilitates the communication with foreign partners, by using common references ", declared Mihăiţă Ionel, SIVECO Applications technical executive.

"What is worth being mentioned about IAS module is that by using it, the Romanian companies manage to talk an 'international accounting language' - which represents a competitive advantage in businesses carried out on external markets, in evaluations and audits, at internal and international level", believes Aurora Crusti, SIVECO Applications Department Manager.

The solutions developed by SIVECO Romania are also present in Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCTI) stand, namely two of the four pilot projects carried out by the company for MCTI: e-referendum and cash-flow management.