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SIVECO Romania - the leader of Romanian business software developers

Friday, November 7, 2008

According to the latest International Data Corporation (IDC) studies, at the end of 2007 the Romanian IT market ranked up to a level of over 1.6 billion USD. From the sum total of IT investments, the local EAS market (Enterprise Application Software) has reached an approximate value of 75 million USD. 

SIVECO Romania holds 21% of this market. By its constant presence among the branch leaders during the recent ten years, SIVECO reconfirms its own value and authority as a leader of the Romanian market in software solutions and IT services. 

On the specialized segments of the EAS market, SIVECO Applications has imposed itself as a leader in company resource planning solutions - Enterprise Resource Planning (ERM), with an estimated 24.7% market share. This performance is all the more valuable since the enterprise management dedicated solutions represent, according to analysts, the most active and consistent segment of the Romanian IT market. 

As far as the Business Analytics solution market is concerned, the IDC study results ascribe SIVECO Romania a 30.5% market share, while on the Supply Chain Management software solution segment the Romanian IT Company has acquired 13.5% market share. 

 „The adoption of IT&C instruments in the practice of organizations renders possible a superior understanding of all business mechanisms. The large-scale adoption of EAS-type systems virtually changes the working style and management manner at the level of each particular business. Our integrated package, SIVECO Applications, has proved its efficiency for more than 550 clients in such activity areas as: production, utilities, banking, transportation, telecom or public administration“, declares Aurora Crusti, Deputy Vice-President, Commercial Division, SIVECO Romania. 

Demonstrating a steadily positive growth rate, the Utility and Production domains continue to range among the topmost areas with a great potential of assimilating information solutions. Thus, in 2007, SIVECO Romania adjudged 11.69% of the total IT market for the production area, while also getting 20.57% of the entire utility market. These results have brought the Romanian company among the first classified. 

As far as the Custom Application Development (CAD) category is concerned, SIVECO Romania also ranks among the topmost local developers, being responsible of 11.7% of the entire market – according to analysts. 

At the end of 2007, the SIVECO Romania sales came up to a total of approximately 70 million USD. This income has a balanced distribution, originating from both IT services sales, and the software and maintenance licenses granted. 

 „In the following years, significant changes are expected in the dynamics of the EAS market, from such perspectives as consolidating the IT providers network, expanding the CRM and Business Intelligence applications market, and also extending the ERP applications on a large scale. Presently, our company is concerned with both enlarging its own portfolio with SME-tailored solutions, and with exporting IT know-how beyond the Romanian borders. In anticipation of future market needs, SIVECO Romania aims at continuing to develop really complex software applications, meant to provide business people with a superior vision of their own businesses“, added Aurora Crusti. 

Maintaining the tradition of its presence among the elite of IT developers, SIVECO Romania also ranks first in the top of the most important local software systems integrators, where it holds 15.9% market share.

Irina Socol, President and General Manager, SIVECO Romania, declares: „The IT area is an extremely dynamic environment, both internally and internationally. Putting things in perspective, the software segment and the IT services segment are expected to dispute supremacy over the IT investments on the Romanian market. As long as the ERP systems remain the strategic direction for most local IT developers, for 2009 one may even anticipate a potential growth of the information services market, especially in the ERP area. In keeping with these prognoses, SIVECO Romania aims at a medium-term evolution from its present status as the most important Romanian software house to that of a regional software integrator. In order to achieve this objective, we will become more and more seriously involved in big external projects, while, at the same time, consolidating our already traditional position among the topmost local IT providers and implementers.“