SIVECO Romania is the leader in software and IT services sector regarding sold production | SIVECO Romania

SIVECO Romania is the leader in software and IT services sector regarding sold production

Monday, February 12, 2007

Bucharest, 12th of February 2007 – According to the most recent study build up by Employers’ Association of the Software and Services Industry (ANIS), SIVECO Romania ranked first in the top of software and IT services providers in terms of sold production.  

Proving once again the quality of developed and implemented solutions through its specialists team the company consolidate its position in the most dynamic sector from Romania, IT sector.

Concomitantly SIVECO Romania is situated in top 5 providers of IT software and services sector proving the performance of the Romanian solutions to compete with international ones.   

The results of this study are the same with the results of IDC (International Data Corporation) studies regarding the situation of EAS solutions and IT services on the internal market. Thus, in 2005 SIVECO Romania was the leader in the EAS market (with a market share of 19,3%) and on the IT services market (with a market share of 9,7%) proving again the fact that SIVECO Romania is the most important Romanian company in the IT field. 

The obtained results confirmed the strategy of the company to became in the next 10 years a leader on European markets. This assumed mission was already put in practice through complex international projects initiated in 2006.  

The investments in the local market sustained this tendency, being more concentrated in 2005. Thus, strategic investment realized in 2005 by Intel Capital and Enterprise Investors came as a confirmation of performances obtain by SIVECO Romania and sustain the intention to become in the next years a regional leader in IT.  The partnership with Intel Capital resulted in directing the investments in research and development activity and in training of the specialists sustain in this way the strategy chosen by the management.   

A great contribution to the evolution of the company in 2006 was starting international projects of eLearning and eHealth who over fulfilled the most optimistic assumptions. SIVECO Romania succeeded thus to consolidate its position regarding complex projects on international market contributing to promotion of the IT Romanian brand. The projects started in 2006 are numerous; we can mention the modernization of the educational system in Cyprus and introducing IT to the National Health Assurance Fund from Bulgaria.

„We appreciate the implication of ANIS and the efforts to offer companies the possibility to evaluate their position on Romanian market. The utility of this kind of studies is more and more obvious because we can observe in an objective manner the evolution of the IT sector and we can measure the efficiency of our own activities dedicated to development of the company. We will always uphold this kind of activities because in this way we can have a clear image of the local market inclusive transparency, credibility and ethics in Romanian business environment.” says Irina Socol General Manager of SIVECO Romania.