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SIVECO Romania made its first Report of social responsibility and sustainable development

Monday, February 16, 2009

SIVECO Romania announces the launching of social responsibility and sustainable development report (2008), the first report of its kind to be conducted by a Romanian company and one of the few on the local market.

The report assesses the performance and impact of social activity on the community, partners, customers, employees, demonstrating that SIVECO Romania’s commitment to the principles of social responsibility is a strategic and long term.

The report has already been nominated by the European Business Awards in the category of Award for Corporate Sustainability. SIVECO Romania project has passed the preliminary stages (selection, nomination in 2009 Ruban d'Honneur) and has qualified for the final stage - which will take place in early April.

"SIVECO Romania CSR Report is in direct competition with projects of top companies such as Ricoh Europe, HP Germany, Enel Italy, ING Netherlands. The competition recognizes and promotes excellence, best practice and innovation in European business environment, according to the EU standards and the most representative companies in the Member States. “I presented the report of a panel of international experts of high reputation and we received excellent feedback"says Anca Crahmaliuc, Marketing & Communication Manager.

The report, which is addressed to the general public, individual and institutional users of information products, media business and businessmen, offers a set of fundamental principles of social responsibility: transparency, good corporate governance, sustainability, and corporate civism.
"We honor the civic mission practice and the intensive and coherent economic development and social progress of the community we are a part of. Moreover, all projects present a certain social responsibility - which is essential for our strategy of sustainable development"said Irina Socol, President and CEO of SIVECO Romania.

The report also reveals the manner in which SIVECO Romania addresses environmental issues. With solutions that develop, it promotes the principles of "Green IT", whether they relate to the consumption of resources of all kinds (from paper to power) or they encourage environmental behavior of its employees.

"Our products are solutions with positive impact on society, medium and long term, having the capacity to influence the lives of large groups of people” said Anca Crahmaliuc, Marketing & Communication Manager at SIVECO Romania.

The evaluation process started from the identification of those activities, processes and reports of the most significant social and environmental impact. The reports - 74 pages and 8 chapters - are dedicated to all stakeholders (customers and partners, employees, social partners and the community) appraoching major themes of CSR in IT: innovation and inclusion, information, education and research, environmental management.

The Report on Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development (2008) is written by Bogdan Diaconu, assistant doctor at the Academy of Economic Studies, an expert in international Business Ethics and CSR.

The concept of the report is based on management requirements, and addresses groups that will relate to these actual areas of interest: financial-economic, social, and environmental.

"The report addresses the general public and the business environment in Romania, and proposes a set of themes of social responsibility: investment in research and technological innovation, investment in education for the purpose of inclusion information, and concern for quality and environment, " said Bogdan Diaconu, Senior Consultant for SIVECO Romania.