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SIVECO Romania – "The most transparent behavior of a company in a competitive environment”

Monday, May 22, 2006

Bucharest, 22th May 2006 - The Palace of the Parliament was the host of the second edition of CEFTAC Platform Gala organized by EUROLINK – The House of Europe- a nongovernmental organization, which sustains by awareness and public education programs Romania’s integration in European Union.

An organism that cultivates the developpment and strengthening of an open European business area, based on the principles of free competition and economic competitiveness, CEFTAC Platform yearly awards Romanian companies from various economic fields, as a recognition of their effort to create a local transparent and competitive business environment.

Nominated together with General Electric, Orange, OMV, UNITA and Reckitt – Benckiser in section "The most transparent behavior of a company in a competitive environment “, SIVECO Romania obtained the CEFTAC trophy in the presence of numerous officials such as the ambassador, economic and commercial attaches of Member States and future candidates to the European Union and United States of America, the representatives of European Bank for Developpment and Reconstruction and numerous ministries and representatives of the Romanian Government.

This year edition of CETAC Platform Gala took place under the patronage of UE Presidency, with the endorsement of the Federal Government of Austrian Republic and with the help of Austrian Embassy, Romanian Deputies Chamber, Competition Council, National Agency for Medium and Small Enterprise, Romanian Agency for Foreign Investments and Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.  Also, the event caught the attention of the press, and benefited from media partnerships with the Romanian National Television, Radio and important business newspapers and magazines.

This trophy represents for us a recognition of our permanent concern to make transparency the fundament of our activity. Coming from a prestigious organization like EUROLINK-Europe House, this distinction reinforce the fact that by offering high quality services, Romanian companies can significantly contribute to our country’s gradual compliance to the economic EU standards”, declares Irina Socol - General Manager of SIVECO Romania SA.