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SIVECO Romania at the National Fair for Software and Services - soft21

Monday, April 19, 2004

Bucharest, April 19, 2004 - The National Fair for Software and Services, April 19-23, takes place at the Crowne Plaza and presents solutions available on the Romanian market, targeting an audience of decision makers from various economic sectors (banking, energy and utilities, transports).

"We are pleased that our seminars cover nowadays subjects, such as export promotion for IT companies, the labor code and the collective labor contract for the software industry, as well as possibly an answer for the dilemma commercial software vs, open-source software", said Mrs. Irina Socol, general Manager SIVECO Romania.

"Our presentations will cover a series of components that meet the demands of the financial and banking institutions and energy an utilities providers".

The agenda of the SIVECO Romania's presentations is as follows:

April 20, 2004 - Software solutions for Banking and Data Security

9.35-10.05: Solution for fixed assets management for banking

April 21, 2004 - Software Solutions for the Energy and Utilities Industry (Water and Gas); 9.35-10.05: The SIVECO integrated solution for utilities companies

11.45-12.15: SIVECO solution for invoices and contract and litigations management for utilities companies

The first theme approached by SIVECO Romania is the Fixed Assets Management component, that manages the fixed assets and inventory objects. It allows the possibility to eliminate difficult calculations, often inaccurate, regarding the fixed assets depreciation, creating a financial complete and complex data structure.

The Billing Management component addresses especially the organizations that provide utility services to private consumers, legal associations and legal persons. It allows more efficiency for invoicing activities and fast cash-in for a large number of clients, for organizations that provide water and hot water, heat, electricity, natural gas, cable etc.

The Contracts Management component defines and supervises different types of contracts, from the negotiation phase to closure or resolution. Besides the basic information (contract data, location, status, validity period, client/supplier, contract responsible etc.), the application manages the information regarding contract's articles, services, delivery, invoicing and payment deadlines, penalties, commission, discounts - options that are activated according to each other organization's activity. Also, it controls the special situations, such as changes in prices, payments etc.

The components presented above are only a part of the integrated package, designed for an efficient administration, based on co-coordinated decisions. An integrated solution allows the management for the internal data, ensuring a rigorous internal control and o coherent and unitary presence on a competitive market.

The three components are part of the integrated package SIVECO Applications, a complete ERP solution, designed for medium and large organizations. The product reached version 10.4, and the ten-year evolution is based on clients' requirements, legal specifications and information technology changes.