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SIVECO Romania, nominated in top three most effective companies

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Bucharest, 19th of June 2007 – Recently, during the 6th edition of the Ventura 2006 Awards Gala, SIVECO Romania participated as company that had included Enterprise Investors’ funds, being nominated at “The Most Effective Company” category, due to its impressive 2006 business results. 

For six editions now, the companies that integrated Enterprise Investors’ funds are nominated at four categories: “The Most Dynamic Company”, “The Most Effective Company”, “The Event of the Year” and “The Manager of the Year”. According to the Ventura Gala rules, there are nominated only three companies for each category, based on their precedent year’s performances proved at the chosen category.

SIVECO Romania has been nominated to “The Most Effective Company” category based on the results obtain in 2006: complex, large and impressive projects and various national and international awards.

In July 2006, in Vienna, OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development) awarded SIVECO Romania with the “Innovative Domestic Investor of the Year 2006” distinction. This award’s importance is high as OECD is one of the most important international forums that debate economical and social politics at global level. The acknowledgement of SIVECO Romania’s investment effort, both nationally and regionally, represented a great honor, strengthening its statute of organization that contributes to the business climate’s reform, acceleration and improvement.

When selecting SIVECO at “The Most Effective Company”, there have been analyzed two of the most successful projects of the year 2006, namely the software development for the IT system for the Payment and Intervention Agency for Agriculture (APIA) and the first know-how export in the field of complex information projects for the Bulgarian National Insurance Fund. 

An important mark of the year 2006 is represented by the company’s participation to the Bulgarian “Reform in the healthcare sector”. SIVECO Romania contributes to quality improvement of the healthcare management through its eHealth solution and the expertise held in this sector. The project is a premiere, signifying the start for the implementation of an integrated information system of huge complexity by a Romanian company in a foreign country.

Through its evolution, SIVECO Romania represents a development model for the Romanian IT industry. This means EAS (Enterprise Applications Suite), eLearning, eAgriculture, eBanking, eHealth and eBusiness performant solutions, addressed to the European unique market, an active presence in professional organizations both in Romania and abroad (ANIS, ARIES, AmCham, PACI, ISTAG) and business partnerships with software and hardware companies worldwide renown (Intel, Oracle, Microsoft, IBM, HP). The company begun to strongly affirm itself in the global technology, SIVECO’s eHealth solution reaching Bulgaria and the expertise held in eLearning being acknowledged in Cyprus, Kuwait, Lebanon, Moldavia and UAE. 

“The SIVECO Romania’s nominalization to “The Most Effective Company” is a great honor to us, as it certifies our actions and their purpose of strengthening the trust in the Romanian business environment. This way more attention can be drawn over the potential our software industry has. We are glad to be evolving on the path we have chosen and the investment made by Enterprise Investors in 2005 sustains us in becoming an important software integrator at regional level. We are grateful for this important nominalization which recommends once again SIVECO Romania as trustful partner in developing successful businesses inside Romania and abroad”, declared Anca Crahmaliuc, Marketing Manager at SIVECO Romania, during the Ventura 2006 Awards Gala.

About the investment made by Enterprise Investors in SIVECO Romania

In 2005, Enterprise Investors and Intel Capital announced a $12 millions investment in SIVECO Romania, the most important Romanian software house, marking as well the most important IT international investment in the region. Due to this action, Intel Capital and Polish Enterprise Fund V (investment fund administrated by EI) hold 32,5% of SIVECO Romania’s shares.

This strategic investment came as a confirmation of the company’s performances, sustaining its intention of becoming a regional IT leader in the next years. As projected, in 2006, the partnership with Intel materialized in funds invested in research & development but also in training its employees.