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SIVECO Romania obtains platinum for quality and technology

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Bucharest, 23th of March 2006 - Recently, in Frankfurt, took place the Arch oF Europe Awards for Excellency in Business ceremony, an annual event organized by the prestigious association Business Initiative Directions (BID)

SIVECO Romania received the award for quality and technology, platinum category for the company’s high standing and professionalism, for its contribution to the business world demonstrated by prestigious performance and last but not least for its efforts, and commitment to quality principles.

Business Initiative Directions (BID) is a pioneer in corporate communication quality field. BID brand is present in 163 countries of the world and set the basis for implementing a complete quality process, based on the criteria of QC 100 -Total Quality Management.

The TQM QC 100 standard is the result of many years of work by many business management specialists.

The quality management principles, which respect TQM QC 100 criteria are also the basis of the quality system implemented in SIVECO Romania.

„ We are honored that SIVECO Romania’s commitment to promote quality and performance was recognized at international level. It certifies once again the professionalism and the quality of the products and services that SIVECO Romania offers to its clients and partners” says Dana Bichir, Quality Assurance and Human Resources Department Manager within SIVECO Romania.

About the Quality Management System within SIVECO Romania

Due to its quality policy, SIVECO Romania commits to understand the current and future needs of the clients and to fulfill their requirements.

The basics of the quality policy are derived from four success elements: concern for the clients, concern for quality, concern for the employees, fulfillment of the financial objectives of the company, necessary to achieve all the other objectives.

The quality management principles are presented below:
  • Client-orientation. SIVECO Romania is actively involved in identification of its clients problems and fulfillment of their requirements explicitly defined and negotiated.
  • Leadership. The managers establish the objectives, and the development line of the organization. In SIVECO Romania, the managers create and manage the internal environment, where the employees can involve themselves for fulfilling the organization’s objectives.
  • People involvement. The top management of SIVECO Romania knows that SIVECO Romania employees are the key factor for the company success and their total commitment generates benefits for the company.
  • Process-based approach. It is known that it is much more efficient to have better results if the activities and their corresponding resources are managed as processes. By this approach and by implementing the new standard, SIVECO Romania consolidated its quality system.
  • Management-based approach. Once the processes were identified, the understanding and conducting of the processes, correlated inside a unitary system, lead to the efficiency and efficacy of objectives fulfillment.
  • Permanent improvement. Permanent improvement of the organization performances is one of the main objectives of SIVECO Romania.
  • Approach based on facts when taking the decisions. At SIVECO Romania, the decisional process is based on data analysis.
Partnership with the suppliers. SIVECO Romania politics is to create and maintain a real partnership with its suppliers, which will generate benefits and added value for both parties