SIVECO Romania offers intelligent solutions for an efficient and modern training | SIVECO Romania

SIVECO Romania offers intelligent solutions for an efficient and modern training

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Bucharest, 2 october 2006 – SIVECO Romania in partnership with Nautical Institute Romania and Engineers General Association from Romania – Constanta subsidiary, organized in Aula Magna of Ovidius University Constanta the seminary “E-learning – a new approach in training and education of navigating staff “.

E-learning represents a complementary component for traditional learning methods, that leads to a maximization of competitive advantages and reduces the shipping companies efforts with employees training.

The seminary set off the place and role of e learning in raising performance within educational/professional process and implicitly the increase of organizational performance in naval sector. The SIVECO Romania representatives have presented the advantages offered by AeL Enterprise solution to the training process, and also at the company level: flexibility, compliance, interactivity, efficiency, easy and rapid access to information, consistency and equable educational process, objective evaluation of each employee and performance increasing in learning process.

AeL Enterprise solution, developed by SIVECO Romania, offers each company the possibility to create its own e-learning platform adapted to their requests and necessities, by proposing complete services for content development, training process management, documents management and monitoring of performance. The solutions quality offered by our company in training domain is certificated by the clients recommendations and numerous international acknowledgments obtained by AeL Solution”, declares Nicole Fildan, Zonal Director at SIVECO Romania.