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SIVECO Romania OFFERS new complete IT solutions for human resources management

Wednesday, September 8, 2004

Bucharest, September the 8th 2004 – The value of a company resides in its top quality products, the solid image acquired on the market, in acknowledging the strong points versus the competition, the permanent concern for high quality, and last but not least in the value of the professionals within the organization.

Number one on the local market for the EAS and eLearning solutions, SIVECO Romania offers the specialists from the HR departments in any type of organization, from the recruitment or training companies, complete and complementary IT solutions for effective management of the human capital:

  • The Human Resources Management component from the information integrated package SIVECO Applications – which streamlines the coordination of all administrative activities, monitors the trends of the career path for all the employees, and, even more important, diagnosis the administrated resources
  • The eLearning platform AEL, dedicated to the employees continuous training.

„A well trained, coordinated and monitored team is the success key in business, regardless of the field of activity, says Irina SOCOL, General Manager SIVECO Romania. „Mixing an eLearning platform with thousands of users all over the country with the Human Resources Component from the no1 ERP on the Romanian market can only be a winning decision for the companies adopting it.”

About the Human Resources Management Component within the Information Integrated System SIVECO Applications

SIVECO Applications is an integrated, modular, flexible and solid software solution, which solves a wide range of requirements coming from customers from different fields of activity. The system focuses on solving problems specific to the current activity in the economic, commercial, technical, staff/payroll, administrative, procurement, distribution fields, which is emphasized by the customer and business requests orientation.

Within SIVECO Applications integrated package, having unitary development conception, shared database and graphic interface, Human Resources Management actively interacts with all the other system components via the ongoing exchange of information necessary for the human resources follow-up flows.

Human Resources Management Component interacts directly with:

  • Personnel Payroll Management Component
  • Financial-Accounting Management Component
  • Production Management Component
  • Fixed Assets Management Component

Using the Human Resources Management Component within the companies greatly contributes to:

  • Cutting down costs and streamlining the activity within the Human Resources Department;
  • Reducing efforts made during current activities regarding human resources management;
  • Monitoring employee performances;
  • Information security and protection;
  • Quick access to various information and actions;
  • Keeping historical data on-line;
  • Transparent integration of new systems in current ones;

Performing all computation according to the applicable law and ongoing update of the legislation without affecting previous months.

Human Resources and Personnel Payroll Management Components have been implemented in over 25 organizations in Romania. Among the examples we should recall companies such as Orange, Sea Harbour Administration Constanta - APMC, and AEROSTAR Bacau.

 About AEL

AEL is an eLearning platform successfully used in all the Romanian high schools, universities and companies.

Using AEL for training allows not only the organization’s training management, but also the monitoring of the results and improvements made by using the system.

AEL assures a unitary training, a better monitoring of the process and of the results obtained by trainers and trainees, evaluation of the didactic methods used, attentive planning of the approached subjects, time saving and optimization of the training process.