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SIVECO Romania offers software that matters for protecting the environment

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Bucharest, 22nd of March 2007 – Recently, the conference “Pollution Control through Waste Management”, organized by the “Intercity Magazine” publication in collaboration with the Ministry of Environment and Water Management, took place at Sinaia. The objective of the conference was to generate social awareness regarding the importance of respecting and implementing European legislation in the field of waste management, through the development of interactive dialogue between the institutions responsible for the environment policies in this field and the companies engaging in activities of managing these policies.

In the “Legislative and Implementation Aspects of the EU Directives Concerning Waste Management” section, SIVECO Romania participated with the presentation of the Waste Management component within the integrated IT package SIVECO Applications 2010, outlining the importance of the introduction of the IT monitoring system of the waste flows, both at companies’ level, as well as the national, regional and local authorities’ level.

“One of the current problems of any economy is represented by the protection of the environment as well as of the human being in both of the two aspects: consumer and component. The relationship established between a society and its environment is determined by the technologies through which people take from nature all the things needed for life and then “return” the waste”, states Irina Piti, Business Development Manager Utilities, SIVECO Romania.

SIVECO Applications 2010 is a complex information system that ensures the informational, technological and infrastructural coherence an efficient management needs on the European market, and, at this level, special care is required for environmental protection, in order to support the European policy “It’s better to prevent than to fight against”. The Waste Management component is a complex application, yet extremely easy to use, designed to support waste management activities, beginning with waste production, store, transportation and ending with waste elimination. This component employs three types of main entities: objects (containers, services or disposal centers), activities (waste transportation, waste disposal procedures) and documents (invoices, reports, text or graphic documents).

The software application developed by SIVECO covers the management operations of the whole range of entities concerned with waste flows, such as: functions and departments in the organization, waste processing supervisors, waste storage locations or other companies involved in waste transport or disposal. The main benefit for the application’s users is exact knowledge on the source of waste, type of waste being produced, collected, stored, transported, and the disposal manner, as well as obtaining financial reports on waste production at the function, department or expense account level.

The organizations that choose the Waste Management component gain the capacity for structuring a coherent strategy concerning integrated waste management, a strategy based on the knowledge of waste sources and the introduction of modern IT systems, capable to offer viable solutions and to lead to an increased quality of life for the population, a reduction in the environment pollution and an increased attraction for new investments in the Romanian business environment.

“Waste management must be integrated in the activity plans of any organization which impacts the environment directly or indirectly. Waste management concerns maintenance, production, storage and transport operations. This field’s authorities require the organizations to design and implement plans for waste management that will lead to a reduction in quantity and toxicity of the produced waste and an efficient tracking of this waste until its disposal”, explained Irina Piti during the presentation.