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SIVECO Romania at Online EDUCA Berlin

Wednesday, December 8, 2004

            Bucharest, December 8th 2004 –The 10th edition of the most important event dedicated to eLearning, ONLINE EDUCA took place in Berlin at the beginning of December.

          The Romanian team was made up by the winners of the National Education Software Competition – SIVECO CUP 2004: Robert Guduvan - student in the University “Politehnica” of Bucharest, Corina Dobrescu – teacher at the Tudor Vianu National College, Răzvan Gradinaru – pupil in the Grigore Moisil Informatics High school from Iasi, Bianca Milatinovici –  pupil in the Grigore Moisil Informatics High school from Iasi, Ema Cerchez and Marinel Serban, teachers (Grigore Moisil Informatics High school –Iasi) and Silviu Crăciunaş- University Politehnica of Timişoara, winner of the educational software creativity contest within the National Conference for Virtual Learning.
This year edition gathered along the 3 conference, workshops and exhibitions days a record number of participants: 1600 from 60 countries. 118 organizations from 26 countries presented their products and projects within the exhibition, among which the Romanian delegation. From the very first day, the educational software applications Fraunhofer Diffraction and Heap presented by their authors: Robert Guduvan, Bianca Milatinovici and Răzvan Grădinaru triggered the attention of the Romanian visitors stand, who were charmed by their quality.

“The two works awarded in the SIVECO CUP were run the way we do it in class, which means using the AeL eLearning platform. This helped us compare not just our eContent with the one developed by international software houses with a lot of years of experience in the field, but also the platform used in the Romanian high schools with similar products used in other countries. I was extremely glad to have notice that AeL is more valuable, richer in content and easier to use than other platforms I have seen here at EDUCA”, says Corina Dobrescu, teacher in the Tudor Vianu National College from Bucharest.

Along with the pride of presenting their own works in front of a international public very well informed, used with computer assisted learning, the Romanian pupils could take part in workshops on several subjects of interest: designing electronic lessons, eLearning standardization, computer assisted learning solutions scalability.

„We are extremely glad that SIVECO Romania offered us this chance, not only to present the lesson we applied with in the SIVECO Cup in an international environment, but also to take part in conferences and make contact with other countries in the field of eLearning. It’s extremely instructive, not just for the pupils, but also for us, as teachers. We are convinced that the German experience will help us prepare other generations of winners in the SIVECO Cup, why not starting with the 2005 edition”, say Ema Cerchez and Marinel Serban, the coordinators of the Iasi team.

Besides sponsoring the first ranked in SIVECO Cup 2004’s participation to EDUCA, SIVECO Romania made his presence available by a huge success story: the AEL eLearning platform implementation in 1510 networks in all the Romanian high schools.

Recently nominated for the IST Prize by the European Commission, the AEL platform triggered the attention of the Romanian pavilion visitors by the originality, quantity and quality of the educational content integrated, as well as by the great number of users: 700.000 teachers and pupils.

“Romania’s presence at such events facilitates the comparison of our eLearning experience to simillar projects rolled out in other European countries. We cannot be indifferent to what is happening in the world with regard to informatized education because at one side we learn and apply what we consider appropriate for the Romanian educational culture, and on the other side we validate SEI’’s positive results with the opinions expressed by specialists in the field at international level or international organizations of the same caliber”, declares Radu Jugureanu, eContent Responsible within SIVECO Romania.