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SIVECO Romania is Oracle "Gold Partner"

Friday, April 9, 2010

Partnering with Oracle, SIVECO Romania facilitates customers' access to top technologies used by the biggest companies in the world.

Bucharest, 9th of April 2010 - Launched in 1995, the partnership between ORACLE, one of the world IT leaders and SIVECO Romania, the biggest software producing house in Romania, was strengthened throughout the years through projects of real success. The collaboration developed on several levels: technical, commercial and marketing and continues to develop on an ongoing basis.

The company SIVECO Romania was re-accredited, starting this March, as "Gold" level partner Oracle and aims to become a "Platinum Partner" in 2011, the highest level of Oracle certification.

SIVECO Romania is member of the ORACLE Partner Network (OPN) program and disposed, apart from advanced competences in ORACLE technology, also of capabilities for implementing the product family ORACLE Applications.

Moreover, SIVECO Romania has a special department dedicated to this activity, through which it aims at combining the product's capabilities with requirements specific to the Romanian market, especially now, from the perspective of EU membership.

SIVECO Romania proposes to organizations running activities on the single European market also its proprietary ERP solution (Enterprise Resource Planning) - SIVECO Applications 2011, developed based on ORACLE technology, using the ORACLE database, a solution presented in Client - Server or three-tier architectures.

The advantages of the Gold Partner status include the very good position among ORACLE partners, precedence in seizing the identified business opportunities, high visibility of the expertise the company owns in the field of IT solutions.

As Oracle Gold Partner, SIVECO Romania is entitled to resell the products based on Oracle technology, having access to specialization and improvement programs for its employees, with direct benefits on the services delivered to customers.

"In fact, this level of Oracle partnership facilitates the access of SIVECO Romania customers to top level technologies used by the biggest companies in the world, allowing us to optimize the performance at preferential costs", says Rodica Papadopol, Partner Manager within SIVECO Romania.