SIVECO Romania is organizing the biggest academic event in Romania | SIVECO Romania

SIVECO Romania is organizing the biggest academic event in Romania

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Two scientific events to promote innovative technologies and methodologies in education held in Iasi.

Bucharest, October 29, 2009 - Higher and secondary education teachers, pupils and students, IT and education specialists meet in Iasi, from 30th October to 1st November 2009, at the VII edition of the National Conference on Virtual Learning (CNIV, .ro/2009), and at the fourth edition of the International Conference on Virtual Learning (ICVL,

The two scientific events are organized by the University of Bucharest (with support from Prof. Dr. Grigore Albeanu, ICVL Coordinator and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Marin Vlada, CNIV-ICVL project coordinator), in partnership with "Gheorghe Asachi" Technical University from Iasi, SIVECO Romania and Intel.

Edition VII of CNIV is held under the auspices of the Ministry of Education, Research and Innovation, the National Authority for Scientific Research and the European INTUITION Consortium.

CNIV is best rated national academic event in eLearning addressing to teachers in pre-university education, academic researchers and teachers from Romanian university education.

The conference has an itinerant character, up to this year being hosted by the University of Bucharest and University Ovidius in Constanta, while the current edition is hosted by the Technical University of Iasi. For this edition of CNIV have registered over 160 teachers and researchers (with a total of 85 papers) and 382 teachers participating without papers. For ICVL were registered 152 participants with 89 papers from all over the world.

The ICVL and CNIV projects are scientific events promoting innovative technologies and methodologies in education, in research and in continuous improvement both in pre-university and university education, as well as in the business environment.

The main objectives of the Conferences are to promote and develop scientific research in the eLearning and educational software field, launching programs for introduction of eLearning techniques in the education process, to promote and use Educational Software in higher and secondary education.

All editions have shown a keen interest from specialists, researchers, teachers, students and pupils, regarding the use of new eLearning technology, promoting educational software and modern methods in the educational process. Structured and organized by European principles and standards, the two events encourage and promote work on projects, collaborative activities, scientific methods and experiments, creative thinking and intuition, topic and proofs.

During these events will take place the "Educational Software 2009" competition and the Exhibition of software products, IT equipment and products for education, research and innovation.

Within CNIV, SIVECO Romania will award prizes event for the developing of software products in education and research:

[b1] Award of Excellence -"SIVECO Virtual Center of Excellence"
[b1] The "SIVECO" Award for creativity consisting of an HP computer
[b1] The "SIVECO" Popularity Award - 6 Portable USB Hard Disk each.

"We are pleased to be the organizers of this important event gathering specialists interested in modernizing the Romanian educational system. SIVECO Romania is a reference name in IT&C and eLearning solutions. Our eLearning projects developed in the country and abroad contribute to the promotion of modern technologies in education and research and the development of information society," said Radu Jugureanu, AEL eContent Manager at SIVECO Romania.

The National Conference on Virtual Learning (CNIV, with its international correspondent - the International Conference on Virtual Learning (ICVL, is a SIVECO Romania product, within a project launched in 2003.