SIVECO Romania partakes in the international eLearning and software for education conference (eLSE) | SIVECO Romania

SIVECO Romania partakes in the international eLearning and software for education conference (eLSE)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

NATO officials and academic personalities from 18 countries attend the event.

Bucharest, 15th of April 2010 - NATO delegates and personalities from universities in 18 countries attend for two days (15th and 16th of April), in Bucharest, the VI edition of the international scientific conference "eLearning and Software for education" (eLSE).

How useful are the eLearning solutions for the academic environment, but also for the defense sector? What does it mean education based on multi-touch technology? How can Advanced Distributed Learning technologies be managed and developed? There are just a few questions to be addressed during the international scientific conference organized by the "Carol I" National Defense University, with support from SIVECO Romania.

The NATO delegation is lead by group's president, Joseph Camacho, along with Paul Jesukiewicz, Director of Advanced Distributed Learning Initiative (ADL).

SIVECO Romania is partner with ADL Initiative, an initiative within the Department of Defence of the United States, which defines the standards and specifications for computer aided training, and with ADL Romania. The status of ADL partner means the recognition of company SIVECO Romania's performance in the education sector.

The topic of this year's conference is "Advanced Distributed Learning in education and training transformation".

The conference proceedings will be opened by prof.dr. Ion Roceanu, head of the Advanced Distributed Learning department within the "Carol I" National Defense University.

Professor Radu Jugureanu, Director of the AeL eContent department within SIVECO Romania, member of the conference's scientific committee will present the paper "eLearning solutions for academics and corporations".

All the papers will be published in the eLearning and Software for Education magazine, which presents every year the trends from various environments: schools, universities, companies, nongovernmental organizations and institutions.

Also, on Saturday April 17, the NATO delegation of ADL experts will pay a visit to SIVECO Romania headquarters, where they will be presented with first achievements in the field of multi-touch educational technologies that are subject to a large scale project developed in cooperation by the Ministry of Education, Research, Youth and Sport, SIVECO Romania and the "Carol I" National Defense University.

About the National Defense University "Carol I"

The university was founded in 1889, by general Ştefan Fălcoianu, being the sixth staff school in Europe, along with those from Berlin, Vienna, Paris, Turin and Brussels, initially under the name of "Superir War School".

The educational process in the "Carol I" National Defense University ensures a complete and complex education meant to strengthen the scientific instruments and the methodology necessary to higher usage of the principles and norms of military action and leadership at tactical level for joint, operational and strategic level, in times of peace, crisis and war.

The Department for Advanced Distributed Learning within the university ensures the the educational services based on IT teaching technologies, thorugh forms of distance learning education and on-line education, in accordance to the national laws and regulations and in full compliance with NATO principles and standards regarding ADL (Advanced Distributed Learning). Since 2009, the ADL Department of the "Carol I" National Defense University is one of the six ADL accredited laboratories at national level in Romania.