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SIVECO Romania participated to European Financial Annual Convention

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Bucharest, 15th of February 2007 – Athens was the host of 20th edition of European Financial Annual Convention. At this event were participated great personalities like:  Mr. Ierotheos Papadopoulos, Head of European Commission Delegation in Greece, mr. Lukas Papademos, Vice President of European Central Bank, Mr. Farouk Abd El Baky El Okdah, Governor of Egypt Central Bank.

SIVECO Romania was present at this event as unique representative of IT&C field from Romania through Mrs. Andreea Niculae, Business Developer Manager, Financial Services Industry.

Participation to this event corresponds with SIVECO Romania strategy to become a more active presence on regional financial and banking market through replication at European level of its success products and solutions and by enlarging its solution portfolio and dedicated products to this sector.

„Integration into European Union and lining to the standards of developments of member countries is an absolute rule for Romania and in the same time it represents an opportunity to promote the values and our expertise and competences in the key economic domains. From this point of view financial and banking sector is one of the most advanced and the importance of technology became more and more important in assuring qualitative services for settle trans-frontalier electronic payments standards”, says Andreea Niculae.

The convention brought in discussion latest news for European business environment followed in the same time evolution directions for regional financial market.  

Through approached subjects was: opportunities and challenges into financial zone due to increase of European Union, descend to unique European currency, tendencies regarding crediting, system payments perspectives, cards and eCommerce and increase of primary and secondary mortgage market in SE Europe.

Strict settlements imposed by lining up to the international markets and competition generated by appearance of international companies have transformed the Romanian financial and banking sector in one of the most dynamic economic sectors. Being considered a non-exploited market, Romania has a great potential regarding retail market, mortgage market, capital market and other specialized tools.   

Thus, the need to offer quality services for the clients imposed adoption by industry of informatics solutions capable to assure an efficient management of banker activity.

In this context, in a more and more competitiveness market, it is obvious the need of more efficient management of organization resources.

SIVECO Romania solutions, dedicated to companies in financial and banking sector, SIVECO Applications – ERP solution, SIVECO Business Analyzer (SBA) – business intelligence solutions, SIVADOC – workflow and document management system, inclusive integrated CRM solutions, eLearning solution or integrated solution of Asset Management respond perfect to the needs of this market and offer companies from this environment a competent response to the European challenges.

SIVECO Romania is an active presence on European plan thus we can mention winning several international biddings and implementation of complex informatics solutions in countries like Cyprus, France, Bulgaria, Croatia. The rejoin in the European and international plan of ours projects represents a key objective in our development company policy. SIVECO Romania will continue to act as an image vector in the world for Romanian software industry and for building an ethic and responsible business environment and we aim to became a regional integrator software and to became in the next 10 years a leader at European level”, says Irina Socol, General Manager SIVECO Romania.

Through success projects developed by SIVECO Romania in financial and banking zone we can mention: implementation of supervision and reporting systems which assures the monitoring of banking market and (National Bank of Romania) and for assurance market (Supervision Assurance Commission).

Another project with a great impact on financial sector was the SIVABON solution – implemented in the Credit Bureau through now 27 participants consult the database if Credit Bureau to receive the credit reports, report which contains data (positive and negative) about financial compartment for clients.