SIVECO Romania participated to the IDC Conference decicated to ICT in Utilities and Energy Sector | SIVECO Romania

SIVECO Romania participated to the IDC Conference decicated to ICT in Utilities and Energy Sector

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Bucharest, 13th of December 2005 -  Recently took place in Bucharest  the conference dedicated to utilities and energy sector, within the roadshow organized by International Data Corporation in several European countries. The event gathered together industry experts, national leaders, and association heads to tackle the issues on the minds of IT managers in the utilities sector.

As a participant to this event, SIVECO Romania focused on the components of SIVECO Applications Integrated Package dedicated to utilities sector. The focus was on two components, which are essential for this sector (Contracts Management Component and Billing Management Component) and on their interaction with other components of the integrated system (Financial-Accounting Management Component, Maintenance Management Component, Fixed Assets Management Component)

The Billing Management Component is mainly addressed to companies that supply utilities to domestic consumers, consumer associations and individual customers, the objective of the application being to assure more efficient monitoring of invoicing and payments from a large number of customers for utilities suppliers of potable water, hot water, heating, electricity, natural gas, sanitation services etc.

Implementing the component significantly improve the activities of any utilities suppliers: better monitoring of invoicement /payment process, record of unpaid invoices and monitoring of debtors, individual receivables record or customers record per area, individual customer complaint records and the record of how the complaints were settled, obtaining the production statements specific to an application at any moment, fast adaptability to legislative changes related to changes in utility prices.

Implementing The Billing Management Component and Contracts Management Component together with the other components of SIVECO Applications Integrated Package contribute to better quality of services, aspect, which is very important because these services are addressed to the clients but also to other companies

“The solution proposed by SIVECO Romania for utilities sector is a powerful instrument that assures a better control and efficient coordination of internal resources, which has a positive impact on the activities’ profitability. The components of SIVECO Application Integrated Package meet all the requirements of any company’s department, assuring a complete, correct and in time acces access to data for decision makers and improving the relationship between suppliers and clients” declares Vasile Neacsu, Channel Distribution Manager within SIVECO Romania.