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SIVECO Romania participated in the second ANIAP edition

Wednesday, September 10, 2003

Bucharest, 10th September 2003 - During 5th - 7th   September 2003, SIVECO Romania participated in the second edition of the yearly ANIAP (National Association of Public Administration Programmers) conference, organized this year in Eforie Nord.

Representatives of the Ministry of Administration and Home Affairs, the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, of the National Districts Union in Romania, of the Local Authorities Federation in Romania, professional associations, programmers from local public administration and traditional partners from the private sector, participated in the manifestation dedicated to solutions for implementing the e-administration concept.

During the conference, SIVECO Romania presented "The Information System for Economical Management"   

"Our company is actively involved in project development in the governmental area, having a very large and variant portfolio of products for the e-Administration field,  from the ERP integrated package - SIVECO Applications, to solutions such as the one for document and work flow management, - Sivadoc, the e-Learning platform - AEL or the information portal for electronic services - InfoKiosk", declares Daniel Pisaru, Account Manager at SIVECO  Romania. 

"The involvement of private IT organizations in developing e-government projects aims to provide solutions for decision makers and to accelerate the migration from the actual system to the e-administration one, whose good effects influence the citizens. SIVECO expertise in developing solutions able to meets public and local administration requests is demonstrated by the numerous accomplished projects and by the successful functional solutions at many local authorities level. SIVECO team is able to provide services for the whole project lifecycle:  Request engineering and detailed analysis, program creation and development quality assurance and control, implementation, maintenance and technical support, project management

"The collaboration between ANIAP and SIVECO Romania SA represents a good example" believes Sevil Sumanariu, ANIAP President. "Actually, the yearly ANIAP conference represented a good opportunity for useful and real experience, information, developers' solutions exchange related to the implementation of e-government programs in Romania."

 The traditional partnership between SIVECO Romania and the National Association of Public Administration Programmers was consolidated, on this occasion, the history of these two companies' collaboration from private and public sector being based on trust and professionalism. SIVECO Romania and ANIAP also participated together in the e-Government conference held in Sofia (Bulgaria) in February, in the Tax and Duty Seminary  at Sibiu, as well as in the  manifestations within  ANIAP Caravan project.   

During the conference, SIVECO Romania received the acknowledgement of its contribution to the success of "ANIAP Caravan" project, which had excellent results in terms of promoting the e-Administration concept and of successful IT solutions implemented in public administration.