SIVECO ROMANIA participates at E-COMM-LINE 2003 | SIVECO Romania

SIVECO ROMANIA participates at E-COMM-LINE 2003

Monday, September 29, 2003

Bucharest, 29 September 2003 - The Academy of Economic Studies Bucharest (ASE), in association with IPA Research Center, organized during 25th - 26th September, the fourth edition of E-COMM-LINE European Conference 2003, dedicated to a wide range of electronic activities: e-Commerce, e-Learning, e-Business, e-Work, e-Health, e-Banking, e-Democracy, e-Government. The event was supported by the Romanian Academy, the ministry of Education, Research and Youth, the European Commission, the Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Romania and Bucharest, as well as by some of the most important companies in the IT&C field in Romania. Among the foreign guests there can be mentioned representatives of important European institutions like Liverpool University (UK), Pisa University (Italy), Bloomsborg University (USA), ESSOR EUROPE Institute (France), Malta University, Kolding College (Denmark) and institutes or companies like INA (Greece), EXODUS (Greece) and others.

Involved in projects based on e-Learning, e-Business, e-Health and e-Government solutions, SIVECO Romania was glad to answer the organizers’ invitation to share with an informed audience its experience in these fields during a 12-year activity - taking into account that the discussion themes reflect the company’s field of activity.

"The participation in this international event is a good opportunity to demonstrate that SIVECO Romania comes with new information solutions, based on latest technologies that meet the demands of resource management from large and medium-sized organizations on Romanian and international markets - which recommends us as a reliable partner for developing successful business" declared AURORA CRUSTI, SIVECO Applications department manager at SIVECO Romania, in the conference opening sessions.

One of the most important software in Romania, SIVECO Romania contributes significantly to the modernization of the Romanian educational system - which also reflected during the presentation of AEL (Educational Assistant for Schools and High Schools) e-Learning solution, created in this respect in association with the Ministry of Education, Research and Youth.

"Based on modern educational principles, AEL aims to facilitate the learning process, providing the teachers and students with a tool that stimulates at the same time, the students’ creativity, competition and team spirit", declares Stefan MORCOV, Project Manager at SIVECO Romania.

SIVECO Romania expertise in e-Health solutions is demonstrated by the implementations for numerous prestigious customers in the medical system, like National Insurance House - CNAS (the project for managing the activities within CNAS), the Ministry of Health from Croatia (the information system that centralizes data coming from medical cabinets in Croatia), Nepenthes France (the system for managing the invoice flow within French health system between pharmacists and health insurance houses).

eDemocracy was another field that drew the participants’ attention - SIVECO being one of the companies involved in the development of such solutions. As it strongly believes that the in the European Union is a process that requires the standardizations of information on the Internet published and of services related to the intercommunication between the member countries and candidate countries, SIVECO Romania created, at the Romanian Senate request, a proposal of standardized integrator portal; the portal that covers all the needs for cooperation connections between the European countries parliaments. 

The presentation of SIVECO Applications Integrated Information package confirmed once more the participants’ interest in eBusiness solutions.

"Created in order to meet the large and medium-sized companies requests, SIVECO Applications is a complete ERP solution, fully developed in Romania that includes modules able to manage an organization major problems: economic management, data flow management, data coherency and consistency, quick information saving and recovery, " declared Dan Tuhar, Project Manager within SIVECO Applications Department.

"We are sure that our participation in events like the one hosted by ASE contributes to the promotion of Romanian solutions on European market and that this conference, which has already become a tradition, is an ideal communication channel between private companies and educational environment", CRUSTI believes.