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SIVECO Romania participates to major eLearning European projects

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Bucharest, 21st of February 2006  – SIVECO Romania’s expertise, consolidated at international level, included the company in eDraw project, which aims to put ICTs at the service of the artistic creation potential and is financed by European Union Minerva –Socrates funds.

The projects objective is to create a collaborative virtual environment for the teaching of arts and rolls out during two years

SIVECO Romania was invited to be a part of this project as a pedagogic partner, and is going to create the framework for the transfer of the processes and potential of E-Learning in the artistic, thus assuring all the necessary means for the teaching of the arts process.

"SIVECO Romania’s expertise in  eLearning and the value of its products acknowledged at international level ( its eLearning platform was nominated at IST Prize, AeL lessons won the   World Summit Award and AEI project gained Honorable Mention at eAward for eGovernment) made us a suitable pedagogic partner for successfully achieve  eDraws’ goals”
We can speak here about a valuable Know-how transfer put to the use of the teaching of arts process, aiming to develop artistic creation and improve intercultural  artistic dialogue with respect to physiological and pedagogical theories” says Lucreţia Maiorescu, Manager of European Programs Department within SIVECO Romania”   

SIVECO Romania will offer the pupils, students and teachers within art high-schools and universities a collaborative tool allowing all to exchange on the artistic techniques and, allowing teachers to confront their teaching methods thus helping them in with teaching process.

This didactic tool is meant to enrich the teaching of the arts, to offer teachers coherent scenarios, adequate from the didactic point of view.

Concomitantly, it facilitates and encourages the creation of didactic educational content in this area. The teachers, pupils and students have now the chance to create and develop their own multimedia lessons.