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SIVECO Romania Participation in the National Exhibition at Tokyo - A Direct Contact with the Japanese Market

Monday, December 9, 2002

Bucharest, 9th December 2002 - At the beginning of this month SIVECO Romania took part, together with other 40 Romanian organizations, among which five IT companies, in the National Exhibition at Tokyo, organized with the support of JETRO and the Romanian Embassy at Tokyo.

The event took place on the occasion of the one hundred-year anniversary of diplomatic relations between Romania and Japan.

"The exhibition represented for SIVECO Romania the first direct contact with the Japanese market, which proved to have a great potential for the outsourcing activities", declared Ioana Pana, Business Alliance Manager at SIVECO Romania.

Besides the company's stall at the exhibition, SIVECO Romania took part in the conference aiming to promote Romania for the potential Japanese investors; during the conference the audience could also assist at a short presentation of the company and its potential.

The over 150 specialists in SIVECO Romania are experts in the field and provide services and information solutions based on the latest technologies for large and medium-sized enterprises in all non-critical industrial and commercial sectors. SIVECO develops SIVECO Applications ERP solution and implements Information Integrated Systems (SIVECO Applications and Oracle Applications) and Management Information Systems. The company is also specialized in datawarehouse and datamining technologies, Internet applications and key turn projects.

"Among the business relations we established during this event, we have to mention the business meetings with managers of two Japanese companies, MARUBENI and Japan Computer Association. We are going to maintain the business contacts we established with the Japanese companies and look for other potential collaborators among the active integrators on this market", Pana declared.

SIVECO Romania client portfolio already includes Japanese organizations, AMANO being one of them.

In 2002, SIVECO Romania, whose exports traditionally focused on Western Europe and America, became more and more interested in developing business in Asia and Far East.

This year there have been established, during some government delegations, several contacts in India and China with active companies on this market, extremely interesting for SIVECO Romania. In this respect, Internet Driver Bar represents an innovative technologic initiative which allows the users to access the Internet by using other sets of characters than the Latin ones. (domain names, sub-sites, e-mail addresses).