SIVECO Romania pedagogical partner at eDraw – project dedicated to arts virtual learning and financed by European Union | SIVECO Romania

SIVECO Romania pedagogical partner at eDraw – project dedicated to arts virtual learning and financed by European Union

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Bucharest, 19th of September 2006 – The expertise in e-learning, consolidated by numerous European acknowledgments, determined the entail of SIVECO Romania in eDraw project, a program dedicated to the development of a collaborative virtual environment for the arts teaching, financed by Minerva –Socrates 2004 funds.

Recently, SIVECO ‘s representatives had the opportunity to present the eDraw coordinates to the participants at SIVECO Summer School 2006, held in Ramnicu Valcea.  .

“SIVECO Summer School aimed not only to make the introductions for a project but also to form the beneficiaries in using this educational instrument in the directions implied by studying on a dedicated platform, using educational content. The courses highlighted interesting domains:  psycho-pedagogy, IT development, design, communication, registering a great success among the participants: pupils, students and teachers”, declares Delia Oprea, Project Coordinator at SIVECO Romania.

Important project, eDraw tries to solve the main problems blocking the inter-cultural artistic dialog by founding the suitable means for improve the teaching process in this domain. This project aims to create a good communication teacher-student, to participate at their development in the proper way and to make available the new teaching method to a greater number of teachers and students.

Within this program, SIVECO Romania developed for students, teachers and for all those passionate about art and culture, multimedia materials used to enrich the teaching act by creating a new space and new teaching methods, as well as the conditions for a perfect communication within the educational actors, by using the Internet (the platform dedicated to art studying,, 3D galleries, the explanation of various art works and working techniques, unlimited access to information in this domain). During the development of eDraw interactive materials, the SIVECO team took into account the needs of those who want to learn (within the aspect of the educational content and of the progress validation), but also the main purpose of this project, namely the reactivation/revival of the educational process in the arts teaching domain.

“eDraw propose the development of a global environment and of an open teaching system, collaborative, offered to a large targeted public, as well as the conception of an online training system by creating the virtual discussion groups and by generating the knowledge activities essentials for the experience improvement: courses developed by teachers to meet the needs of the class, museums virtual tours, galleries and workshops, discussion forums (scholars, students, teachers)”, states Delia Oprea, Project coordinator within SIVECO Romania.