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SIVECO Romania is "Platinum" Oracle Partner

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Through this level of partnership is recognized and rewarded the expertise of SIVECO Romania

Bucharest, 12th of May 2011 - SIVECO Romania is Platinum Partner, a level of partnership confirming the competence and high level of expertise in selling and implementing certain Oracle products and technologies in which SIVECO Romania has chosen to specialize.

The status of Platinum Partner provides a very good visibility among the ecosystem of ORACLE partners, but also recognition of the expertise acquired and at the same time a market option for the companies adopting and using the most innovative technologies.

The new quality of Platinum Partner ensures dedicated support from the Oracle team in strengthening and development of the long term strategic partnership on the defined areas of specialization to the customers' benefit and for the increase of their business. SIVECO Romania gets thus the resources and necessary support in order to differentiate itself on the market and to be appreciated for the investment made, which represents an important advantage.

Launched in 1995, the partnership between ORACLE, world level IT leader and SIVECO Romania, the biggest Romanian software house, has consolidated along the years through complex projects developed on several domains: technical, commercial and marketing.

SIVECO Romania is part of the program ORACLE Partner Network Specialized (OPN-S) and has, apart from advanced competences in ORACLE technology, also capabilities of implementing products ORACLE Applications.

SIVECO Romania proposes organizations running their activity on the single European market also its proprietary ERP solution (Enterprise Resource Planning) - SIVECO Applications 2011, developed with help of ORACLE technology, using ORACLE database and the platform WebLogic Suite, a solution presented in WEB architectures, a 3-tier structure.