SIVECO Romania presents the first projection of 3D educational objects | SIVECO Romania

SIVECO Romania presents the first projection of 3D educational objects

Friday, November 19, 2010

The event takes place within the BETT Educational Fair in the Middle East

Bucharest, 19th of November 2010 - SIVECO Romania will present in premiere the most innovative IT based educational solutions at the BETT Middle East exhibition, to take place on 21st -22nd November, 2010 in Abu Dhabi.

SIVECO Romania makes the first projection of multimedia educational objects on a 3D plasma screen without glasses. The 3D educational objects become alive in front of visitors, on a latest generation plasma screen. Without needing special glasses, the self-stereoscopic screen allows any persons to view tridimensional objects, from different perspectives.

"The school of the future will surely provide pupils with an educational experience combining traditional pedagogy with the most innovative technologies and gadgets. SIVECO Romania is a promoter of the school of the future and the first creator of 3D educational content in the world, content that can be projected and viewed on 3D devices without special glasses. The possibility to be viewed and the interactivity represent the strong point of the new technologies, being an intelligent support for understanding and thoroughness of lessons", says Florin Ilia, Vice-President SIVECO Romania.

Also within the BETT Middle East Exhibition, SIVECO Romania presents another innovation in education, Augmented Reality, a technology allowing the interaction between the user and a virtual object, whose movement can be controlled by the user and rendered through digital sensors in real time. Using just a video camera and a computer, users can handle various educational virtual 3D objects.

"The pupils can explore the solar system or can analyze the internal organs, in actual size, projected directly on their own body. This way, technology becomes an instrument stimulating the pupils natural curiosity, creativity and imagination, making the education process much more attractive", says Radu Jugureanu, Manager of eContent Department within SIVECO Romania.

SIVECO Romania is a promoter in adopting latest generation technology in education and a constant presence at educational events worldwide. SIVECO Romania runs successful education for countries in Europe, Middle East, Near east and the CIS countries

At the education fair BETT Middle East 2010 participate ministers of education and governmental representatives from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Libya, Lebanon, Syria, Kuwait, Jordan, Egypt and Oman, as well as providers of educational products, teachers and specialists.