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SIVECO Romania presents the most complex educational content developed for multi-touch devices

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

At BETT London, the biggest education fair worldwide, the company will present first time ever a multimedia education application allowing simultaneous control from several users

Bucharest, 12th of January, 2011 - SIVECO Romania continues the series of innovations in the field of applying technology in education, within the BETT exhibition in London, held 12th to 15th of January 2011.

Within the BETT exhibition London, SIVECO Romania is presenting as novelty an interactive educational application that can be viewed on multi-touch devices. Presented on the Surface device developed by Microsoft, the AeL educational content allows full control with the whole palm, with several fingers by one or several users at the same time.

Instead of keyboard and mouse or handling the screen with a single finger (as in case of touch-screen systems) the multi-touch system are able of a much more natural interaction.

"The multi-touch systems represent the interface in our interaction with the digital world. They can be successfully used in absolutely any field, but very good results have been obtained so far especially in education", says Florin Ilia, Vice-President SIVECO Romania.

The purpose of these systems is to improve collaboration between pupils and teachers, to involve the pupils' in-group activities, to motivate them to experiment, making the move from learning based on memorizing to the one based on knowledge discovery and building.

The first achievements in the field of multi-touch technology applied in education obtained by the eLearning department within SIVECO Romania have been rewarded in 2010 by the NATO delegation for Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL).

SIVECO Romania presents at BETT also Augmented Reality, an educational solution providing the most advanced learning experience. Augmented Reality is a revolutionary technology allowing the interaction between the user and a virtual object, whose movement can be controlled by the user and rendered through digital sensors in real time. By using just a video camera and a computer, users can handle various educational virtual objects. Pupils can explore the solar system or can analyze the internal organs, in actual size, projected directly on their own body.

SIVECO Romania will also project at BETT multimedia educational objects on a special 3D plasma screen. The self-stereoscopic screen allows any person viewing tridimensional objects, from different perspectives, without needing special glasses.

SIVECO Romania is a constant presence at educational events worldwide running successful education projects for countries in Europe, Middle East, Near East and the CIS countries.

The solutions developed by SIVECO Romania are already appreciated on the UK market, recognized as being very selective and innovative. SEI, the program implemented by SIVECO Romania for introducing IT to the Romanian education system, has been recently recognized in UK as the best educational project within the eLearning Awards 2010 competition.

The educational BETT exhibition London is attended by education ministers and governmental representatives, providers of educational products, teachers and specialists form the entire world.