SIVECO Romania reached $70 million turnover last year, 65% more than in 2006 | SIVECO Romania

SIVECO Romania reached $70 million turnover last year, 65% more than in 2006

Monday, January 21, 2008

SIVECO Romania, the most important Romanian software house, reached $70 million turnover last year, with over 65% more than in 2006. For 2008, the company management appreciates an increase of 20% in the turnover, following the previous years’ trend.

An important share from the profit will be reinvested in research & development activities.

In this respect, SIVECO Romania makes critical steps towards the achievement of its business objectives for the next three years, primary intending to double its market value. This goal becomes possible through developing and implementing a coherent and competitive strategy that allows SIVECO to consolidate its statute of important regional software integrator. More over, on long-term period, the company pursues to reach the position of a European leader in this field.

SIVECO Romania has already won and consolidated its statute of eInclusion solutions provider at national and international level, constantly involving in major information projects that assure free and equal access to eLearning, eHealth, eAgriculture and eBusiness solutions.

“Partnerships we develop nationally and, most important, globally, are once again a proof of our maturity as an organization. We appreciate that our business model must be developed with the help of our partners, both for local projects as for international ones as well”, says Florin Ilia, VP Commercial Division, SIVECO Romania.

“We reached a stage where evolution comes through qualitative jumps not quantitative growth. We will concentrate our efforts towards projects with a specified statute that usually require participation in a consortium – as the best result becomes reachable only when there valuable expertise in complementary domains meet in order to build a clear overview from various sides of the same project”, appreciates Irina Socol, President&CEO, SIVECO Romania.

In 2008, the company intends to consolidate its statute of important know-how exporter and trustful partner developing large information projects at international level - and increase this way the global notoriety of SIVECO brand.

“The international expansion of our business in countries within the CSI space, Middle East and Africa is only beginning. We are confident that year 2008 will bring a true international breakthrough. Without leaving the Romanian market, which continues to hold an impressive potential, we are focusing on know-how export in developing complex information projects on more external and similar markets we can maximum value the expertise achieved at national level”, declares Irina Socol.

Market studies initiated by International Data Corporation (IDC) place SIVECO Romania on top positions both on EAS (Enterprise Application Software) and IT Services Romanian markets. According to the latest published results, SIVECO Romania holds 21,2% share from the EAS market – as leader of the Romanian providers of business software solutions, and 9,7% from the local IT Services market.