SIVECO Romania receives two more trophies ”Excellency in Business” for South-East Europe and “Investor of the Year in Romania” | SIVECO Romania

SIVECO Romania receives two more trophies ”Excellency in Business” for South-East Europe and “Investor of the Year in Romania”

Wednesday, October 4, 2006

Bucharest, 04th of October 2006 –The Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCIR), organizer of the International Investment Gala, awarded diplomas for excellence and trophies to the major companies that ran investment projects during the year 2005.

With this initiative, a sequel of the one organized by the Organization for Economical Cooperation and Development (OECD) at regional level (South-East Europe), CCIR aimed to underline the investment efforts of the Romanian companies in the year 2005– investments that lead to stimulating and improvement of national and international business environment.

Another purpose of this Conference was to sensitize companies into adopting development strategies based on investments, in order to create a more stabile, coherent and stimulating business environment in Romania.

SIVECO Romania was awarded the Prize for “Excellency in Business” for South-East Europe in 2005 and the grand trophy “Investor of the Year 2005 in Romania”.

These acknowledgments granted by CCIR and OECD come as a recognition for SIVECO contribution to the development of the Romanian software industry, for the regional co-operation and for promoting of Romania’s image worldwide.

„We are honored and pleased to receive these trophies, as SIVECO Romania plays an important role in the process of development of the Romanian software industry. We believe that a sustainable and healthy development is possible only by constantly investing in education and encouraging innovations. Our contribution to the development of the IT society in Romania, in areas where we have gained expertise (eBusiness, eLearning, eHeath), comes to support the efforts to promote Romania’s brand image at regional and global level. Emphasizing the creativity of our software engineers, through innovation and performance, Romanian software industry has succeeded to become a very good ambassador of Romania abroad. As far as we are concerned, we will continue to actively support national and international initiatives aiming to increase the level of transparency and credibility of our business climate”, stated Irina Socol, General Manager of SIVECO Romania.   

About The Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

It is the most representative business organization in Romania that brings together a network of 42 county chambers of commerce and industry, including also bilateral chambers of commerce and industry, professional associations, representing more then 50,000 Romanian companies.  As one of the most active promoters of Romanian companies on external markets, its mission is to consolidate the business community into a system based on economical progress, initiative, competitiveness, company’s responsibility, as well as encourage foreign trade.

About OECD

OECD is one of the most important international organization for debates of economical and social policies on global level, a non-political association of the most developed countries, having as mission the building up of a strong economy between member states, the increase in efficiency, the improvement of market systems, the expansion of free trade and the contribution to economical development. For more than 40 years, OCDE has been one of the largest and most reliable sources of compared statistics, economical statistics and social data. The value, the validity of the OCDE recommendations is so great, that has practically turned into a matrix of functioning world economy.